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Fun With OSHA

Posted By servicedot on Home -   OSHA Glad Someone Cares About Your Safety? OSHA is like the big daddy of work place safety.  There's no argument that OSHA can inspire dread among those who operate a business. No one wants to catch the attention of a federal agency—let alone one that can levy fines against you. Like anything government related, it's not exactly a perfect operation. But OSHA has done a lot of good in keeping you and your employees safe. The Nixon administration formed the Occupational Safety and Health Act in 1970 to "assure safe and healthful working conditions for working men and women by setting and enforcing standards and by providing training, outreach, education and assistance." Today there are 2,200 inspectors for 130 million employees. Before OSHA, there was an avera

HOAs Are Becoming the Norm. Are You Informed?

Posted By servicedot on Home -   HOA—OK! As suburbia's inhabitants and homes have multiplied, so too has the convention of having an HOA at the helm of its operations. A homeowners association (HOA) is a organization of homeowners who administer the rules and uphold the covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&R) of subdivisions, developments, and condominiums. 

10 Signs Your Business Is Failing

Posted By servicedot on Home - Is Your Business DOA or Can It Be Saved? It can be a hard thing to look Truth in the face; it can be an ugly creature. When your business is showing signs of failing, we may want to ignore it. In fact, we may have grown immune to the undesirable happenings going on in our company and not have even noticed the failing body of our business. By the time we have to face the truth of the state of our business, it's already consumed by flames. You might wonder how you got to the point where everything is burning to the ground around you. But like with most things in life—illness, relationships, car problems—there are signs. 

How to Spot and Stop Home Improvement Scams Against the Elderly

Posted By servicedot on Home - It Takes a Village to Keep Our Elderly Loved Ones Safe From Scams In an era where technology has made the world smaller, we often struggle with maintaining, and even allowing for, the close ties we once had with our neighbors. Being able to Facetime and text pictures or connect on Facebook and share stories on Snapchat has made us more willing to move a little farther out from our family and friends. People don't necessarily stay in the old neighborhood these days—around the corner from Mom and Dad. Home improvements scams are nothing new, but are easier to commit now with less multi-generational families living in one home—with relatives at the ready to protect one another. Setting up our aging parents and grandparents with tech to keep us in the loop of each

Don't Fall for Tech Scams! It's Easier Than You Think

Posted By servicedot on Home - Your Mama Was Right—You Shouldn't Talk to Strangers Seniors are likely to become the victims of several certain types of fraud. Basically, anything unmoraled the criminals can concoct via a phone call will be tried. IRS scams, shady financial advisors, prescription drug scams, etc. The fact these scams take place over the phone makes things even more difficult, because it leaves no paper trail and no face to pin down and describe to authorities. It makes being unscrupulous much easier to get away with. And takes the savvy, watchful eye of loved ones to recoup funds that have been lost. 

Fire and Water Damage Mitigation: Time Is of the Essence

Posted By servicedot on Home - Mitigation: It's Like the Triage of Emergency Home Restoration Being on the crisis end of a disaster isn't something you can do much to prepare for. We hear and watch stories on the news of fires and floods, but we never think much past the initial story once we find out everyone involved is safe. But when we find ourselves the victim of a catastrophe, knowing the next right step will save you from having to deal with more loss. Mitigation after damage has occured to your property eliminates or reduces the consequences of hazards through proactive means. Acting fast after fire, smoke, or water damage has occurred is essential in keeping further damage from taking hold in the home.  

Fire and Water Damage Restoration

Posted By servicedot on Home - What to Expect After Mitigation and During the Damage Restoration Process After a disaster affects your home, you probably want to get back to your normal life and routine as soon as possible. The process to restore your home after it's been ravaged by a fire or water damage is difficult and time consuming. It's not just a matter of grabbing some buckets and mops, and using some elbow grease to make your house habitable again. 

Small Business Spotlight!

Posted By servicedot on Home -       Let the Light Shine in — and You Can With Windows Full of Light! Hello, blog readers! Normally I write about informative topics, which generally center on home improvement help for homeowners or small business matters for pros. But today, I want to spotlight one of our favorite companies on the platform. Windows Full of Light goes above and beyond our expectations when it comes to customer interactions, workmanship, and professionalism. We did a little Q and A with the owners, Gina and Abe. It's always interesting to find out what motivates and drives other people, so in honor of America's independent business owners, let me introduce you to Windows Full of Light!

HVAC: Finding the Right Heating and Cooling Solution for Your Home

Posted By servicedot on Home - Being Cool Is More Than  Attitude. It's also About Finding the Correct Cooling System for Your House! As members of modern society, we probably don't give much of a thought to the complexities of that go into the climate control in our homes. We know we don't want to bake or freeze with the weather outside, and we put our faith in our thermostat that it will perform without letting us down. Our HVAC system is there, tucked always somewhere in our homes doing its job. But Heating and cooling systems are as varied as the homes they're situated in.