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Get Grout to Shout About! Have It Professionally Cleaned!

Posted By servicedot on Home -   Does Your Dirty Grout Got You Down? Give It a Deep Cleaning — Turn Your Tile Around! By the time new tile is laid, it starts to gather grime. Although the tile itself can be a gift of convenience when it comes to cleaning, the grout is another story. There are typically three types of grout seen in residential use: non-sanded, sanded, and epoxy.

It's Not Too Late to Hire a Snow Removal Company This Winter

Posted By servicedot on Home - Plan Ahead Before the Storm Hits. Know You're Covered by a Snow Removal Company! It's hard to believe that winter has only just officially arrived a week ago. Cold is our constant. Being Northerners, it seems like green is a blip on the seasonal radar. And, as much as we'd love life to stop for snow so we can cozy up and hibernate for the day; sadly, only kids get snow days. We are left to dig out and get ourselves to work and carry on with life. But to do that, we need the proper equipment, or better yet, help!

A Complete Bathroom Remodel Is Within Your Reach!

Posted By servicedot on Home - If Your Bathroom's Style Peaked in the 80s, Then a Redo Just Might Be for You! Even with all of the remodel shows out there and the ubiquitous DIY blogs about how beautiful you can make your bathroom with just some old plates and reclaimed wood — all of which is shown through time lapse photos — it seems you have the one house left with a mauve and black tiled loo. Have you ever pondered from your rose hued tub, "Are interior designers psychopaths?!"