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How Our Home Makes Us Happy

Posted By servicedot on Home - "There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort." -Jane Austen Tell me, how often, by the end of a long day spent in your work clothes, do you pine to walk through your front door, peel off your pants, and graze at the fridge door until you finally make your way to the cozy cushions of your sofa for some netflix and chill? There really is no place like the sanctuary of home. But, sometimes we walk through our front door and the reality of our home is less haven than hovel. What is it about our homes that make us happy? And what tweaks can we make to our home to make us feel happier?

Preventing Home Improvement Fraud

Posted By servicedot on Home - — Don't Get Ripped off by Liars, Crooks, and Cheats — Make Sure You Hire a Pro to do Your Handy Work! Let's face it — for most of us, owning a home is an emotional investment rather than a financial one. But that does't mean we don't want to make wise decisions when it comes to spending money on home renovations. Hiring the wrong contractor could leave us vulnerable to serious financial consequences. Of the top 10 consumer complaints, home improvement/construction fraud is #2 on the list and failure to have a license and preforming shoddy work is #6. We should make improvements to our homes because it will increase our enjoyment of them first and foremost. However, we don't want to make any wrong steps that will cause us to be irreparably upside down in t

The Top Seven Pitfalls a Small Business Tends to Make

Posted By servicedot on Home - Don't  Booby Trap Your Business With Bad Planning At times owning and running your own business can feel like you're being made to traverse a mine field to get to success. It's true, aspects of your business are trial and error, but there are steps you can take to avoid these seven very common pitfalls that small business owners make.

The Modern-Day Word-of-Mouth

Posted By servicedot on Home - Give Your Customers a Place and Reason to Refer Your Business So much has changed about our day-to-day life because of technology, and it seems to have changed exponentially in the last decade. Little things like, Googling, Muggles, and yes, blogs didn't exist in our vocabulary. More than just words, these things have changed they way most of us have lived. For small business owners, however, one thing hasn't changed in the last decade, and that's how much word-of-mouth means to a business in the service industry. 

Chimney Sweeps Keep Your Home Safe From House Fires

Posted By servicedot on Home -   Chim chim cher-ooGood luck will rub off whenI shakes 'ands with you Our visions of chimney sweeps probably come from Mary Poppins' chimney sweep friend Bert. Things are done a bit differently now, even if old masonry chimneys still abound. What hasn't changed is the need to have your home's chimney cleaned. 

A Few Things to Think about Before Starting Your Own Small Business

Posted By servicedot on Home - Dream a Little Dream of Building a Business of Your Own Most service industry business owners started out as an service pro working as an employee or subcontractor for someone else's business. They worked hard honing their skills, and now, your life's circumstances are whispering for you to make a similar change. You've dreamed of starting a business of your own. You want to listen, but you're also scared any misstep too large will irrevocably damage your future and make a mess of your life. But, you should absolutely investigate that voice inside of you; however, the course toward becoming a small business owner must be very carefully plotted.

Don't Let Your Holiday Memories Go Down in Flames and Infamy

Posted By servicedot on Home -   Make Your Turkey Crispy, Not Your House! The month of mashed potatoed, golden browned turkey, candied yam food gluttony is upon us  — better known as the holiday season. Thanksgiving is here, and so are Gram's pies and friendly family rivalries that don't end with just football team favorites that become cherished memories and tradition. But you don't want to taint and darken those good memories by ruining the day with a catastrophe.

Wake up Your Kitchen With an Updated Backsplash

Posted By servicedot on Home - A New Kitchen Backsplash: Cheaper than a New Wardrobe It takes all kinds of people to make the world go 'round, and some of those people like to cook and enjoy having a nice kitchen to do so in. Maybe you moved into a new home and you feel like you're living within someone else's space and would like to put your mark on your kitchen, maybe it's just long in the tooth and you want to bring your home up-to-date, or maybe you never had a backplash to begin with and you're sick of scrubbing gunk of the walls.

Get Grout to Shout About! Have It Professionally Cleaned!

Posted By servicedot on Home -   Does Your Dirty Grout Got You Down? Give It a Deep Cleaning — Turn Your Tile Around! By the time new tile is laid, it starts to gather grime. Although the tile itself can be a gift of convenience when it comes to cleaning, the grout is another story. There are typically three types of grout seen in residential use: non-sanded, sanded, and epoxy.

It's Not Too Late to Hire a Snow Removal Company This Winter

Posted By servicedot on Home - Plan Ahead Before the Storm Hits. Know You're Covered by a Snow Removal Company! It's hard to believe that winter has only just officially arrived a week ago. Cold is our constant. Being Northerners, it seems like green is a blip on the seasonal radar. And, as much as we'd love life to stop for snow so we can cozy up and hibernate for the day; sadly, only kids get snow days. We are left to dig out and get ourselves to work and carry on with life. But to do that, we need the proper equipment, or better yet, help!