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You Must Make Sure You Own Your Marketing Assets

Posted By robtcase 1393 days ago on Marketing - It always plays out the same way too. “Hey Rob, can you speak with my friend (insert name here)? They are having trouble with their marketing/website/consultant/agency.” I always say yes, and I always shock the “friend” when 4 words into their first sentence I tell them the rest of their story.

The MOST Important Word in Marketing Strategy

Posted By robtcase 1626 days ago on Marketing - Few things “grind my gears” as much as headlines like “(Insert Type of Marketing Here) is the one true answer for your business” or “Stop Spending Your Money On (Insert Type of Marketing Here) and invest it with (Insert Type of Marketing Here)”. What is the real story?

DIY Marketing Series - Facebook Contests

Posted By robtcase 1955 days ago on Marketing - Social media is a powerful tool for any size of business, and for smallercompanies, it can mean the difference between paying the bills or closingthe doors. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for example, offer your brand achance to communicate directly with current and potential clients.