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WordPress Security – A Fresh Perspective for Your Website’s Security

Posted By inspiriting 1883 days ago on Blogging - Thinking of WordPress security in a layered concept is a fresh approach and much less overwhelming than checking off the countless tasks that are demanded everywhere. Bringing in a structure to security duties can also be seen as a sustainable way to organize your website's security.

How To Restore A Website In An Act Of Grace

Posted By inspiriting 1897 days ago on Blogging - We all need to be aware that there are business risks we need to be responsive to. Restoring a website isn't particularly a daily task, but in case a website breaks, it is invaluable when you know how to get it back running in easy steps.

Run your Business Smarter with Trello Power-Ups

Posted By inspiriting 1951 days ago on Blogging - A Trello Power-Up is like an add-on inside Trello, that connects to another web application and helps you to save time by enhancing your workflow. In this article I am introducing the internal and 3rd-party Power-Ups that Trello offers to all its users now.

3 Excellent Business Management Tools For Smart Biz Owner

Posted By inspiriting 1981 days ago on Blogging - For every business, there comes a time when it has to make a jump. Either are things going too slow, or there’s too much manual work for the business owner and not enough time. Or, even more stressful, success comes unexpected and forces an entrepreneur to quickly adapt its systems. Time to scale up and use a business management tool. Here's a comparison of 3 popular options.

33 Ways to Upgrade Your Business Quickly

Posted By inspiriting 1990 days ago on Blogging - Upgrading a business is necessary for development and growth. Sometimes it's a little tweak, sometimes it's a bigger decision. In this article I am covering eight categories in which taking steps to upgrade your business makes a lot of sense.

How To Conquer Your Tech Fear

Posted By inspiriting 1995 days ago on Blogging - Dealing with tech fear is possible, even if someone is uncomfortable or even scared of anything involving computers. In this article I am looking at 3 strategies that can help you release a lot of the tension technology brings up for you, and support you in pursuing your goals with the use of technology.

How To Use Templates To Upgrade Your Small Business

Posted By inspiriting 2057 days ago on Blogging - It's overlooked and underrated: using templates for recurring tasks can be THE decision that turns a business from an unsustainable into a sustainable one. Learn why you should thinking about templates to cover repetitive tasks, and see whether these 6 tools can help you with that.

A Magical Way to Automatically Sync Lists In MailChimp

Posted By inspiriting 2072 days ago on Blogging - Stop judging your tools by the features they don't have. Instead, use an automation hack (like this one) to get rid of your time wasters.
In this tutorial I show you how to automatically sync lists in MailChimp without having to manually export and re-import them. Best of all: it's free!

Creative Ways to Automate Google Forms

Posted By inspiriting 2086 days ago on Blogging - Google Forms do have some hidden potential that is screaming to be revealed. If you were ever wondering how to get a Google Form to "talk" to other web applications and make it an equal tool to all the corporate form builders that are available ... here's your starting point.