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A good Internet Speed

Posted By gonevoip 1642 days ago on Business

https://www.gonevoip.ca - If you are like the rest of Canadians you probably have the same Internet connection for at least the past 2 years. But the demand on the internet connection in our daily lives and homes keeps on growing.  The reason driving the growing demand are certainly many.  But to group them easily namely we have: […]

Toronto Best Home Phone Services in 2018

Posted By gonevoip 1663 days ago on Business

https://www.gonevoip.ca - There are several advantages of having a VoIP home phone service. Thanks to Voice over IP, nowadays, telecommunication is easier and cheaper than ever before. It's not only easy to use, but also very economical when compared to traditional landline services. Voice over IP phone services includes unlimited calling minutes and many included features that […]

Home Internet Services with no price hike

Posted By gonevoip 1663 days ago on Business

https://www.gonevoip.ca - Rogers and Bell are at it. Home Internet prices are set to increase, yes, again. According to sources at Rogers and Bell, the price increase is due to investments on their respective networks. Though possible seems odd price hike is almost in unison. Rogers price hike is effective March 12th and Bell's will be in […]

Comparing Best Home Internet Plans in Ontario

Posted By gonevoip 1664 days ago on Business

https://www.gonevoip.ca - After the Home Internet rates for some of the most popular plans in Ontario were set higher we set a mission. We had to do a research for the Best Home Internet Plans in Ontario. We are comparing the traditional telecom giants we typically love to dis-love, with comparable plans from last mile providers.   We are not using any […]

Is High Speed Internet a Human Right in Canada?

Posted By gonevoip 1696 days ago on Business

https://www.gonevoip.ca - Can you imagine your day-to-day life without High Speed Internet? In many respects, today’s technological advancements represent a digital and information revolution, impacting our civilization as profoundly as the industrial and agricultural revolutions did. Like these previous cultural shifts, we can expect the winds of change to create major advancements and opportunities, while leaving old […]

Reasons why call recording should be a top priority in the new year’s business resolution

Posted By gonevoip 1750 days ago on Business

https://www.gonevoip.ca - With the Christmas around the corner, we look forward that you have a fantabulous and prosperous new year. Though we have these season of holidays, we know you’re already thinking of the next business year we are sure we can be of a good help to you and be a helping hand in your next […]

Free HDTV antenna instruction from our friends at HeroNet.ca

Posted By gonevoip 1752 days ago on Business

https://www.gonevoip.ca - When it comes to cutting the cord, any advice or tools that help us get as much content as possible are always welcome!    HeroNet.ca make a great little video about how to make a free HDTV antenna in less than 10 minutes using things are already have at home. In the video they show […]

Business VoIP Solutions for You

Posted By gonevoip 1785 days ago on Business

https://www.gonevoip.ca - VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is the use of telecommunications over data resources. VoIP is fast becoming the new standard for businesses of all sizes. Hosted PBX services are most commonly used by small and medium businesses because of the substantial cost savings associated with virtualized services. Though large enterprises, even government agencies have moved […]

One-stop solution to enterprise communication challenges – Cloud based unified communication

Posted By gonevoip 1798 days ago on Business

https://www.gonevoip.ca - Check out Telehop Business Services President & CEO Mr. Rajiv Jagota's exclusive article on how to solve enterprise communication challenges with unified communication and collaboration in this era of  digitalization and transformation. The dynamics of communication are rapidly changing and becoming far more diverse across enterprises. The days where employees have only a fixed-line desk […]

The Metamorphosis of Landlines

Posted By gonevoip 1807 days ago on Business

https://www.gonevoip.ca - Canadians love to communicate. That is not a secret. Today the evolving and changing telecommunications landscape offers many  different ways to communicate. Though is unavoidable to look and examine in particular the traditional phone landlines; which no matter how you look at landlines extinction is a word that comes to mind. At least for a […]