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Web Design Psychology: How To Create A Site That Influences People

Posted By fershid 2116 days ago on Design - “Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.” – Joe Sparano. An effective website is one that builds trust with its user and influences him/her to take your preferred course of action. From layout and typeface to colors and CTAs, each element plays an important role in engaging users and creating profitable conversions.

SSLs has come up with an excellent infographic that covers the principles of web design psychology and offers handy tips to help improve user experience and build trust with your website. Check it out here.

12 Funny Charts That Highlight The Importance Of Color

Posted By fershid 2114 days ago on Design - UK-based designer Stephen Wildish gives a humorous take on the importance of color through these witty charts that are part of his weekly series of illustrations called Friday Project. Wildish’s minimalist infographics show how an object becomes something else entirely, only by changing its color. He’s even published a book filled with similar charts and funny visuals that’s available on Amazon. Check out his work here.

Designer Morphs Uppercase Letters To Lowercase In This Fascinating Handmade Typography Experiment

Posted By fershid 2110 days ago on Design - ‘Handmade Type’ is a self-initiated typographic experiment by New York-based designer Tien-Min Liao that explores the relationship between uppercase and lowercase letters and records the transformation between them.

In this experiment, Liao drew shapes with ink on one or both of her hands, manipulating her gestures into the corresponding shape to signify an uppercase letter. Then, using the same shape on her hands, she manipulated her gesture or changed the perspective through which the shape is viewed in order to transform the uppercase letter to a lowercase of the same letter.

Removing or redrawing the darkened shape on her hands is not allowed in the experiment. The only way to make the model transform from an uppercase to a lowercase (or vice versa) is by changing the gestures or

200 Words To Use Instead Of “Good”

Posted By fershid 2096 days ago on Writing - “Good” is dull and unimaginative. People often use “good” as a lazy replacement for a more appropriate word. Custom Writing have created an excellent infographic that lists 200 words you can use instead of “good”. For instance, to describe taste, use “scrumptious” or “delicious”. To describe a performance, use “stellar” or “captivating”. Know more in the infographic here.

20 Images That Show Why Letter-Spacing Is Important

Posted By fershid 2082 days ago on Design - Ever wondered why good designers focus so much on kerning, i.e., adjusting the spacing between characters in a piece of text? These 20 epic images show you why letter-spacing is important not just in logos and graphic design, but also in everyday handwriting.

IKEA Renamed Its Products After Common Google Searches About Relationship Problems

Posted By fershid 2069 days ago on Advertising - IKEA’s products have always been inspired by how people live in the real world. They wanted to remind people that their products can solve or improve a variety of everyday problems.

These days, most of us turn to the internet for answers when problems arise. To prove that IKEA can be a part of the solution, Swedish agency Åkestam Holst came up with a campaign titled Retail Therapy. They renamed IKEA’s products after the most common Google searches about relationship problems in Sweden.

When you googled your problem, you found an IKEA product with the exact same name on a site identical to IKEA’s main shopping site. Check it out here.

Who Owns A Website Once It’s Designed?

Posted By fershid 2032 days ago on Design - “I paid a professional web designer to create my site, of course I own it!” – this is probably the belief that almost every website client holds. It makes perfect sense – you paid someone to develop a website for you. Why then would you not own what you paid for?

The legal reality is that a website is built with many assembled parts and you may be surprised to learn who owns each part. Red Website Design has created an infographic on website terminology that acts as a guide to what you really own and what you’re really just leasing. Check it out here.

This YouTube Celebrity “Died” In A Shocking Car Crash While Recording A Live Video. Or Did She?

Posted By fershid 2027 days ago on Advertising - Texting while driving and even live broadcasting while driving has become an international plague. Over 80% of accidents are caused by people using their phone while driving. But regular communication campaigns don’t deter youngsters because no matter how gruesome commercials about this issue are, young drivers still ignore them because they’re ads.

The Or Yarok Association for Safer Driving in Israel decided to engrave the experience of watching a real car crash in young drivers’ minds forever by getting them to watch someone they love die. LIVE.

Agency BBR Saatchi and Saatchi hacked YouTube’s live broadcast feature and broadcasted a 6 minute pre-filmed video of popular beauty vlogger Ashley Waxman Bakshi as if it were live. Watch here.

Designer Who Created The Instagram Logo Shows You How To Design A Logotype

Posted By fershid 1969 days ago on Design - A logotype is the name of a brand or a company designed in a visually unique way for use by that company. The logos of Google, Coca-Cola, Facebook, Disney, Cadbury, Nokia and Philips are examples of famous logotypes. The wordmarks are created using a custom or an existing typeface.

If you’re looking to create a custom logotype, check out this handy tutorial by Skillshare that features Mackey Saturday, the designer behind Instagram’s script logo. He takes you through his essential process and shares some useful tips to keep in mind.

25 Clever Logos Of Common Verbs You Use Every Day

Posted By fershid 1969 days ago on Design - Following up to the previously published 25 adjective logo collection, Spanish designer Lucas Gil-Turner has created a series of impressive logos for the 25 most commonly used verbs in the Oxford English Dictionary. The list was released by Oxford University Press researchers after the analysis of over a billion words.

Lucas has created illustrative and representative logos, in black and white, for each verb. He has designed the letters in a way that they form a visual image associated with the meaning of the words themselves (a.k.a. calligrams). Check out the project here.