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How Much Should You Spend on Mobile Marketing?

Posted By AppInstitute 1575 days ago on Technology -

How much should your business spend on mobile marketing? What percentage of your overall marketing budget should you allocate to mobile? Happily, there’s a simple formula everyone can use… Kidding – no, there isn’t. Your mobile spend can vary widely based on a huge number of factors, including your best-performing channels. Your website, social media...Read More
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Chocolate for diabetics? Here’s what you need to know.

Posted By glycoleap 1574 days ago on Health - The existence of chocolate dates as far back as 1900 BCE, and it used to only be available in Mesoamerica. Not only that, it existed in a form quite different from the ones we are familiar with now. Presently, the variety of chocolate …

Live Healthy! Here are 5 Nutrition Rules to Live By

Posted By ekuzevska 1368 days ago on Body and Mind - Nutrition plays a significant role in maintaining our health. A balanced diet which consists of a combination of vital nutrients is essential for our well-being. So to help you boost your immune system and protect yourself from diseases, I bring you 5 Nutrition rules to live by

How To Stop Your Hair Loss

Posted By ekuzevska 1366 days ago on Beauty - Although hair is not always essential to health, its decline can cause anxiety. The remains of fallen hair on the women brush can cause intense mental tension. The baldness in man scalp can cause embarrassment and diffidence. Leading causes of hair loss are stress, anxiety, and sudden shock, general exhaustion caused by severe and long-term illnesses like typhoid, syphilis, chronic cold, influenza, and anemia, as well as an unhygienic condition of the scalp that weakness roots of hair through blocking of pores for usually collected dust. Hereditary factors may also be a cause of the disease.

Home Remedy To Improve Your Sight And Thicker Your Hair

Posted By ekuzevska 1365 days ago on Beauty - Many of us have a problem with our hair, but a lot of us have a problem with sight too. Nature offers us solutions to these problems. You may solve them with this home remedy full of healthy ingredients. With this home remedy, you can improve your sight and thicker your hair.

Practice These 24 Powerful Time Management Tips To Stop Wasting Time and Achieve Your Goals Now!

Posted By ekuzevska 1330 days ago on Body and Mind - Planning is the best time saver.You need powerful time management tips to stop wasting time and achieve your goals.Here are 24 Powerful Time Management Tips