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SEOPressor Review: The Be-All-End-All of WordPress SEO Plugins?

Posted By christopherjanb 927 days ago on all - If you want to get the most of your WordPress site’s SEO, then SEOPressor provides you all the tools and features to ensure that your site is optimized and indexable by search engine spiders.

12 Funny Charts That Highlight The Importance Of Color

Posted By fershid 2230 days ago on Design - UK-based designer Stephen Wildish gives a humorous take on the importance of color through these witty charts that are part of his weekly series of illustrations called Friday Project. Wildish’s minimalist infographics show how an object becomes something else entirely, only by changing its color. He’s even published a book filled with similar charts and funny visuals that’s available on Amazon. Check out his work here.

The Top 10 Best Blog Post Ideas Ever!

Posted By BryanPositiveWriter 1882 days ago on Writing - Bloggers have the most difficult job any writer has, and it’s not just the writing, it’s consistently coming up with fresh and exciting ideas to write about. I’ll be honest with you, constantly coming up with ideas is hard work. So it’s great to have a quick reference list for those times when you’re drawing

Why Some Blog Writers Become Incredibly Popular and You Can, Too.

Posted By BryanPositiveWriter 1896 days ago on Writing - There’s a certain magic some bloggers have which makes them become popular. You can be one of them, because the magic is within you, too. It is. It’s only a matter of discovering it, harnessing it and using it. It’s a kind of magic Your blog is about you and people will return to your blog because

7 Steps to Create a Successful Business By Teaching Writing Online

Posted By BryanPositiveWriter 1898 days ago on Writing - Note: This is a guest post by Eduardo Yi, he is the lead content marketer at Teachable, a platform that allows everyone, from creative individuals to established organizations, to easily teach online and create profitable businesses. Online learning, one of the biggest and fastest growing industries, is already estimated to be worth eight figures and counting.