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Must Have Metrics to Conduct a Sales Review

Posted By SlideUpLift 411 days ago on Business - A sales review is a crucial business evaluation process that provides an overview of how an organization is doing in terms of its sales performance. This review is intended to assist management to review progress against the plan, make course corrections, and drive key programs. Typically, a review involves gathering, analyzing, and presenting data from various sources. This information is...    read more 

How To Create Your Perfect Webinar Presentation

Posted By SlideUpLift 417 days ago on Business - Webinars are becoming an increasingly important tool for businesses to connect directly with their customers — to educate and inform, maintain relationships and even build a brand. They’re also excellent list-building tools, whether you’re using them in real-time or as evergreen lead magnets. Furthermore, webinars are a valuable tool for digital learning, which is essential during a crisis like the...    read more 

How to Conduct A Super Effective Sales Performance Review – Guide For Sales Managers

Posted By SlideUpLift 420 days ago on Business - Sales is a challenging job. As a Sales Leader, it can become even more challenging since the job definition changes from a “doer” to a coach. And coaching requires careful attention to the team’s growth areas and disciplines. A well-conducted feedback session often takes the form of a sales review- that sets performance expectations, reviews progress, creates a culture of...    read more 

Kanban Board – An Underused Visual Tool to Take control of your projects

Posted By SlideUpLift 428 days ago on Business - Productivity is one of the essential ideas in today’s corporate environment. It is what business experts strive towards while carrying out operations.  In many companies, however, lack of productivity is a big issue. The most frequent productivity problem for today’s business professionals is a lack of time and task management. Many of these productivity concerns may be overcome with effective...    read more 

SlideUpLift Launches Premium Google Slides Templates

Posted By SlideUpLift 433 days ago on Business - SlideUpLift has made all of its top-selling presentation templates compatible with Google Slides. Now, you can not only access presentation templates in PowerPoint but also in Google Slides, both in 4 by 3 and 16 by 9 format. A bit of a background on google slides:  PowerPoint is one of the most well-known and widely used software. Many other types...    read more 

Action Plan: The Missing link between Goals and Execution

Posted By SlideUpLift 438 days ago on Business - Action planning is a crucial element of the execution process and facilitates proactive collaboration amongst teams on getting things done. Individuals and organizations can use action plans to attain the objectives that they set for themselves. The action plan is indeed often the missing step between setting goals and achieving them. We’ve defined seven steps for creating an action plan....    read more 

Learn How To Give A Great Performance Review To Your Employees

Posted By SlideUpLift 441 days ago on Business - This article defines what is a performance review, explains how to write and present a successful employee performance review. If you work in management or as a supervisor, you may be required to write employee evaluations about workplace performance. A performance review can be required following a probationary term or for an annual review of an employee. To guarantee that...    read more 

The Golden Rules of holding the audience attention in presentations

Posted By SlideUpLift 453 days ago on Business - There are innumerable ways to structure PowerPoint presentations based on the context and the requirements. However, presentations, not unlike other forms of communication, do have some ground rules that are often considered cardinal regardless of what is being presented. Savvy presenters understand that they cannot take the audience’s attention span for granted and work smartly to get the most out...    read more 

Build Trust amongst your customers Using Testimonials

Posted By SlideUpLift 459 days ago on Business - In building a business, one of the key relationships that form between the business and its customers is that of trust. The customer should trust that the business is looking out for their interests and there is not an iota of questionability on the product.  But building trust is not as easy as it may seem initially. Customers are generally...    read more 

Top Summarization Techniques that Pro Presenters use

Posted By SlideUpLift 461 days ago on Business - There is an expression experience presenters often use: “I don’t want to drain the slides, so here are the key ideas.” An audience on the verge of drifting to another side suddenly changes its mind and refocuses.  This is just an example of the power of summarization and the risks of too much information. A presentation that drags on and on...    read more