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Why I am addicted to Sexting and Cannot Stop

Posted By SeoSam2011 1640 days ago on Relationships and Dating - I just do not think sexting is as bad as people think. In my opinion, it's the safest form of sex

Do you ever feel like you're addicted to your smartphone and just can't put it down? I feel that way all the time. My phone is my dating life.

How to build your Business on Profit not Passion

Posted By SeoSam2011 1654 days ago on Marketing - “The fact is, no matter how much time or money you invest in your business if there is no passion you will fail. A positive attitude goes a long way to achieving success. This is the best way to move forward and ride the waves towards business and career success. It doesn’t happen overnight and it doesn’t happen if you don’t try.

Life Coaching Jobs, The Good, Bad and the Ugly

Posted By SeoSam2011 1663 days ago on Blog Tips - The ugly truth behind why it is difficult to start a business in the coaching industry is simple, the market is saturated. There are simply too many coaches and not enough clients. Affordability is the main cause for this imbalance. Life coaching is just too darn expensive.

Using Social Media just to enhance SEO is a Buzz Killer

Posted By SeoSam2011 1773 days ago on Marketing - When is it time to walk away from a project? When your client decides that there is only one way to do things, it a real buzz killer. There are more than one ways to approach social media and SEO.