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Trello for Direct Sales – 5 Tips for Prosperity

Posted By JoniKinney 573 days ago on Marketing - Are you selling for a Direct Sales company? If you are, this article was created with you in mind. Trello is a FREE tool, and we are going to cover some of the best trips to using Trello for direct sales. If you are a small business owner and using Pinterest, you should check out […]

Take Action and Deliver Exquisite Results

Posted By JoniKinney 580 days ago on Marketing - Imagine sitting on the couch at night doing nothing, with a drink in hand and a great show on the television. Seems like a dream life. You can have these moments if you take action and prioritize what is important to you. Knowing When to Take Action When I talk to people, often I find […]

Social Media Calendar for July 2020 – FREE Download!

Posted By JoniKinney 587 days ago on Marketing - Imagine sitting down one evening next month with your family, watching tv, sipping on a slushie. This can happen! Get a just on your social media posts with our content calendar for July. Get YOUR Social Media Content Calendar for July 2020 July Holidays July is an amazing month typically full of BBQ, Family gatherings, […]

Trello versus Asana: 2 Perfect Tools for Tracking Tasks

Posted By JoniKinney 593 days ago on Marketing - Two systems I see frequently talked about are Trello and Asana. So let’s compare them to each other and decide which can help us most: Trello versus Asana. We all hear these fancy buzz words of systems that strike through Facebook groups and business chats. The newest and greatest something or other that is magically […]

5 Killer Trello Power-ups to Save Time

Posted By JoniKinney 601 days ago on Marketing - Saving time whenever we can is so crucial to maximizing our time management skills. That is why I got so excited when I discovered Trello Power-Ups. These little tidbits of goodness will change your Trello life. Trello is a great tool, but if you are just getting started, I suggest you check out 5 Effective […]

Having an Attitude of Gratitude + 15 Engagement Posts

Posted By JoniKinney 607 days ago on Marketing - When we listen to the negativity in our lives we can’t see past it to the things we are privileged enough to enjoy. Finding and having an attitude of gratitude does not have to be as difficult as we make it. Appreciation is at the core of gratitude, and you can learn to appreciate everything. […]

Priorities in Business: An Easy Way to be More Efficient

Posted By JoniKinney 615 days ago on Marketing - Most people know they need to set priorities in business, but knowing it and doing it are different things. Additionally, balancing business and family times can be hard to manage. Understanding Time Management and how it impacts your ability to work, confidence levels, and business strategies is a key pillar in business management. Do you: […]

June Social Media Content Calendar

Posted By JoniKinney 622 days ago on Marketing - Are you looking for a calendar full of ideas that will help you with your content? Then you need the June Social Media Content Calendar! If you are looking for some quirky holidays, fun engagement post ideas, then look no further! Keep reading and snag your Content Calendar full of ideas to make your Social […]

Key to Success: Providing Value to Your Clients

Posted By JoniKinney 628 days ago on Marketing - When times are tough people start questioning everything they are doing in business and may not be providing value. When times are going great, sometimes they forget to look at what is really working vs what provides solutions. At the heart of both of these situations is ensuring that you are providing great content that […]

Google My Business Basics: How to Get Found on the World’s Most Powerful Search Engine

Posted By JoniKinney 636 days ago on Marketing - Did you know that Google has a way for you to list your Business in their directory? Did you know that that directory is FREE? Yep! Read more about the Google My Business Basics below. Google My Business Basics – SEO Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a super important thing to have a basic understanding […]