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How To Start Investing In 4 Easy Steps

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https://haveyourdollarsmakesense.com - When it comes to building wealth, investing is not an option. You can save money all day long, but even with the highest of interests rates, you’re keeping up with inflation at best.

The only way to truly build wealth over the long term is by investing your money. Yes, it comes with a risk of losing value, but when done right and consistently, you’re more likely to see your money grow over time.

People often feel they aren’t cut out for investing, but the truth is there are investments for all kinds of people. The hardest part can be getting started. So, how to start investing, you may wonder.

Should You Be Living Stinry

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https://haveyourdollarsmakesense.com - Many people will hear the phrase “living stingy” and think it sounds like a bad idea. Nobody wants to be known as a stingy person. By its exact definition, being “stingy” isn’t a good thing, but “living stingy” isn’t always following the word’s meaning.

Investment Moves To Make in 2022: 4 Experts Weigh In

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https://haveyourdollarsmakesense.com - Financial professionals can be a great source of information and confidence when investing in our future. However, according to a Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies report, most Americans are guessing at how much they’ll need for retirement. In another study conducted by CNBC and Acorns, only 17 percent of Americans said they use a financial advisor. So, I asked financial professionals what investment moves to make in 2022; 4 experts weighed in.

My Fundrise Return Exploded in 2021

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https://haveyourdollarsmakesense.com - I guess you could say 2021 was a much better year for my Fundrise returns when compared to 2020. In most cases, there was an improvement in returns for each fund vs. 2020. In many cases, you can see Fundrise returns soar up to almost 400% vs. 2020 Fundrise returns.

50+ Frugal Things To Do When Bored

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https://haveyourdollarsmakesense.com - It’s inevitable that at one point or another, we get bored. You might get bored at home, bored at work, or on a commute. With nothing to do, we might find ourselves wandering around the house mindlessly, sitting around, and in general, wasting our time. We check the same apps over and over, hoping for some big news or anything remotely interesting to be in the news or social media.

How Much Rent Can I Afford

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https://haveyourdollarsmakesense.com - It should go without saying, we wouldn’t want our home to be a point of stress for us, especially financially speaking. So when looking for a place to live, it’s crucial to find a place that fits our budget.

With that in mind, many people will ask, “How much rent can I afford”? There are several steadfast rules that you can apply when determining how much money you can spend on your rent, with some wiggle room if you spend less in other places, of course.

Frugal At Home Date Night Ideas For 2022

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https://haveyourdollarsmakesense.com - It can be challenging to plan a date night out these days. Even hard can be to keep your date night costs down. Even a simple dinner a movie can become expensive quite quickly. So instead of going out for date night, why not stay in? There are plenty of fun and frugal activities you can do for an at home date night ideas.

Learn How to Use Sinking Funds Effectively

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https://haveyourdollarsmakesense.com - Unfortunately, no matter how much we want to save money and live frugally, major expenses are simply a part of life. However, that doesn’t mean we should wait around for them to come and then pay a huge expense all at once. Planning for these significant expenses can make them far less painful when the time comes to pony up. This is where the idea of a sinking fund comes in handy.

Relabel Your Money MIndset

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https://haveyourdollarsmakesense.com - It’s kind of like a “self-fulfilling prophecy” if you will. Essentially, the members of those groups of people feel that no matter what they do, they will be seen in a certain way and will therefore be treated as such. Instead of fighting the “labels”, they more or less conform to it since they feel it’s how they will be seen anyway.