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Using the Redis Command-Line Correctly

Posted By AdNgin 509 days ago on all - Knowing how to use the Redis CLI enables you to take full advantage of its powerful features without the setup time required when using client libraries in your code. This tutorial provides a step by step guide to implementing Redis and leaving client libraries to the side.

How to Succeed with B2B Facebook Ads

Posted By AdNgin 507 days ago on all - If you can get the right content in front of the right users, there’s no reason you can’t drive home conversions too. B2B companies can get great results with Facebook by focusing on their goals and crafting targeted, relevant ad campaigns. The key is to know your audience, listen to what they want, and use the platform’s strengths to your advantage.

The Essential Guide to Employee Experience Management

Posted By AdNgin 28 days ago on all - Great employee experiences aren’t created or sustained by accident. Companies that attract and retain the top talent in their field know they have to treat the employee experience as a managed process and back it up with the required resources and technology.

The Top 10 Marketing Attribution Software Solutions

Posted By AdNgin 1314 days ago on Advertising - With the possibility of attribution inaccuracy in different models, Facebook, and Google Analytics, how does one figure out what exactly is driving leads to a business?
The answer lies in finding the right marketing attribution software solution. But with over 7,000 software platforms vying to solve the problem of marketing attribution, how do you know which is the right one to choose for your business?

How to Change Your VPN Location [with Pangeo]

Posted By AdNgin 1086 days ago on all - The ability to maintain a real presence in a foreign market does not always keep pace with the ability to sell in that market. Rather than cede these markets to competitors or launch campaigns without the ability to test and monitor them, global ecommerce companies can avail themselves of technologies like VPNs to perfectly mimic the user experience on the ground in these markets. This allows them to share the perspective of their audience and make any necessary changes or adjustments that will make their campaign more effective.

The Anatomy of a Perfect Batch Record

Posted By AdNgin 1011 days ago on all - When it comes to manufacturing pharmaceuticals quality is critical. Following current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) can help ensure that nothing goes wrong, as these practices lay the foundation for creating quality products. In most countries, cGMP is one of the conditions a company must meet to be allowed to sell its products in one jurisdiction or another.

Angular vs React: 5 Key Differences

Posted By AdNgin 908 days ago on all - The battle is on. The warriors enter the arena to the loud cheers of frontend developers around the ring. In the right corner, React, introduced in May 2013 by Facebook. In the left is Angular, an open source project born in September 2016 and maintained by Google. The bell rings. It’s on.

But is it really a fair fight? What is it that sets the two apart? And who should you be betting on in 2020 and beyond?

Top 6 Customer Journey Analytics Solutions

Posted By AdNgin 899 days ago on all - Customer journeys used to be relatively simple and straightforward, but with today’s omnichannel approach, they’ve evolved into something much more complicated. Marketers need to create the seamless, secure, personalized, and on-demand experience that their target audiences want on all of the channels they’re on.

Who needs cellular IoT?

Posted By AdNgin 881 days ago on all - What is cellular IoT and why do you need it? If you want to simplify and streamline access to information, cellular IoT is easily scalable and manageable from practically anywhere. Whether you are a smart city, a part of the industrial sprawl, or even transportation and logistics, cellular IoT is relevant for a wide range of industries and groups.