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The Complete Guide to Smishing (SMS Phishing)

Posted By AdNgin 60 days ago on all

https://cybeready.com - In this complete guide to smishing, we’ll dive deep into the murky waters of phishing and explain smishing in detail. We’ll identify smishing attacks, their risks and consequences, and learn how to prevent both.

AWS FTR (Foundational Technical Review) Checklist [XLS Download]

Posted By AdNgin 61 days ago on all

https://www.jit.io - The AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR) is a structured self-assessment process that evaluates the architecture of your software solutions. Learn what FTR can do for you, and how to go about it.

A Step-by-Step Guide to a Cloud Migration Strategy that Saves Your Money

Posted By AdNgin 76 days ago on all

https://controlplane.com - This article will help alleviate some of the stress in getting your business to the cloud with minimal disruption, costs, delays, and resources.