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WordPress Developer Salary in Europe and the World in 2022

Posted By Webnus on Blogging - In 2003, WordPress was first developed as a content management system for bloggers. However, over the years, it has emerged as the preferred option for developing websites worldwide. While a lot of people are concerned about how generic WordPress sites are, the reality is that a website's originality is typically a result of the developer's talent. Therefore, it is crucial to engage skilled developers. Yet, the obvious issue is what the typical WordPress developer's hourly rate might be as you plan to launch your site. Hence, this article was crafted to assist you in choosing your WordPress-based storefront equipped with the relevant knowledge.   Why Hire a WordPress Developer? While anyone can build a website using WordPress, which is open-source software, in a matter of days, there are clear benefits to hiring a developer with years of expertise under his belt. Some of them are as follows: Only qualified developers can handle tasks like design implementation, eCommerce plugin settings, and APIs with competence. Without the necessary expertise, if you choose to do these tasks yourself, you risk infecting your website with bugs. Another very important reason to employ a trained developer is that they can more skillfully use plugins to alter the appearance and improve the functioning of your site. Lastly, if you don't hire a skilled developer, you can find yourself spending a lot of time customizing the website for yourself, testing it, and checking the settings when you're out and about. For many SMBs, time is a precious resource. A committed WordPress developer can complete tasks up to 2-3 times faster than a novice. In conclusion, hiring experienced engineers can significantly shorten the time it takes for startups and SMBs to reach the market.   WordPress Developer Price Components There are two major ways to hire WordPress developers:...

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