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Why Should Websites Be Careful with Tracking Personal Data?

Posted By Webnus on Blogging - When the web first emerged as a mainstream channel for businesses in the 90s, one of its fundamental traits was anonymity. People simply used a different username to keep themselves on the down-low. All 90s kids remember their first username, right? Since then, the web has undergone a massive transformation. Businesses now have too much to gain from collecting a visitor’s data. When someone opens a website in 2021, the website likely collects a whole bunch of information including the device of the visitor, IP address (and by extension, their location), browser footprints, and a range of other things.   The Cisco Survey Cisco conducted a survey in 2019 to analyze the actions and attitudes of customers towards data privacy. The survey found that 32% of the respondents, referred to as “privacy actives” in the survey, pay attention to a website’s data collection and sharing policies. They also revealed that they’d consider (and some already have) switched companies over these policies. This survey provides businesses an opportunity to understand how an average customer’s view towards data privacy is shaping up. Businesses could use this information to amend their data privacy policy to align more with what their customers deem reasonable and retain more customers over time.   Why Websites Should Be Careful About Tracking Personal Data The Cisco survey clearly establishes one thing – visitors are starting to become wary of websites that collect personal data. All businesses should take cognizance of what personal data is. For those who already know what personal data is, here are a few reasons why collecting it requires some careful consideration.   Wide Scope of Personal Data The primary concern with collecting personal data is that the definition of personal data differs across jurisdictions. The definition of personal data is wide enough to warrant...

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