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What Is Psychometry?

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If you are curious about the mystical and the occult, you may have come across the word ‘psychometry’. Psychometry is a type of psychic power or ability, like spiritualism. The main difference is that someone who practices psychometry can gain access to the past life of an object, rather than that of a person. The two can often work in synchronicity though, as objects often have much to tell us about the people in their lives. In this article, we explore the mysterious workings of psychometry. Read on to discover everything there is to know about the origins of this ability, its uses, a how-to guide for those with psychic abilities, and more.

What do psychometrists do?

Psychometrists are people who specialize in the art of ‘reading’ objects. By holding an object, which can be anything from a book, a vase, a necklace or a plate, a strong impression is communicated to them about the past life of that object.

They might get a vivid visual impression that takes a form like a flashback, and in which they visualize some of the events in the life of that object. They may even see a vision dating back hundreds of years, if the objects which they are holding is very old. In some cases, psychometrists have been able to determine which historical figure an object belonged to by receiving a vision of that person when holding the object.

Other types of communication with the object are non-visual. For example, a psychometrist may start hearing music or voices. Often, the voices may be indistinct but leave some clues or hints which can be deciphered later when put in the larger context of the object’s life. After touching the object, the psychometry practitioner will usually write down everything that they heard, even though it may not make sense to them.

Another particularly powerful type of impression communicated by the object is emotions. When holding their hands or forehead to an object, psychometrists may suddenly experience a surge of sadness, joy or rage. All these emotions must be recognized as coming from the object. It can be more difficult to interpret emotions that visual signals, but they are a powerful tool to use in making sense of the past life of an object. Recognizing the emotion communicated by an artifact can be hard and requires the skills of an experienced practitioner. Indeed, the psychometrist must be able to differentiate between his or her own emotions, and that of the object. This requires them to go into the session with a calm, steady mind, and a very good awareness of their own emotional state.

The best psychometrists are empathic people. They may possess similar skills toward humans as they do toward objects. For example, they may feel that they are able to experience what someone sitting in front of them is feeling, be it sadness or nervousness. This gift for empathy makes psychometrists able to ‘connect’ with the objects that they are in contact with, and by doing so to discover more about their past.

Where does psychometry come from?

The word psychometry is an amalgamation of two Greek words: ‘psyche’, which means ‘soul’ or ‘spirit’, and ‘metron’, which means ‘measure’. The word first came into use when American physiologist Joseph R. Buchanan started to publish results on his study of this psychic skill. Buchanan wasn’t the first to propose that objects hold a soul and a memory of their past. This theory is age old and psychics have been aware of that fact since time immemorial. However, he was the first to gather scientific data to support this theory. With his experiments, he succeeded in proving that psychics could indeed gain access to facts about an object simply by touching it. As the discipline developed, more scientists were encouraged to share their findings on such experiments. Nowadays, psychometry is not widely researched, but it is well recognized in psychic fields as a powerful tool of access to the secrets of the past.

How is psychometry different from other psychic skills?

In some ways, psychometry is comparable to more common psychic skills, such as reading tea leaves or a crystal ball. But whereas these means (leaves or ball) are used as a simple portal to access truth about another object, psychometry uses the object in question itself as a source of knowledge. This makes this art particularly powerful, as it uses the impression produced by an object without any outside interference.

What is psychometry useful for?

Psychometry can be useful for several research purposes. First, it can offer additional facts on historical artifacts. By holding a mirror that belonged to a dead actress or a comb used by a historical politician, a psychometry psychic can get a better sense of who they were. They may gain access to conversations had in presence of these objects, or even to feelings experienced by those people when holding the object. This art is useful not only in telling us more about historical figures, but also about events and eras more generally. The type of information that can be gained by holding an ink well from the 1940s may tell us a lot about the sense of unrest felt by the general population in this era, or about the historical climate of a country.

Secondly, psychometry is often used for genealogical research. People take objects to a psychometrist when they are looking to find out more about dead relatives. For example, they might find out more about the private life of their grandfather by asking a psychometrist to ‘read’ his favorite teacup. In many cases, psychometry allows for gain not only of information, but also of emotional hints on the life of a relative. People go to a psychometrist not always with the hope of finding out factual evidence about family members, but often rather with the aim of establishing a connection with that person through increased access to their emotional landscape.

Finally, psychometry is a way of access into other psychic arts. Developing psychometry is a good way to get into other arts such as reading the past or the future or communicating with spirits. Psychometry is by no way an easy activity to practice. However, it is easy to train daily as it requires no special apparatus. Just get a hold of everyday household objects in your home and start trying to read the information that they communicate. Because most psychic skills are tightly connected with one another, and all play on the same kind of psychic abilities in a person, developing one’s psychometry abilities is a great gateway into other psychic arts.

An introduction to psychometry for complete beginners

The first thing to note if you have an interest in psychometry, is that it is not reserved for those who have known psychic abilities. You do not need to be a medium, or to have had experiences with the spirit realm in order to start practicing psychometry now.

The best way to start practicing psychometry is to develop your capacity for awareness. When practicing psychometry, you will be using every sensation you have to determine something about the life of an object. So, it is important that you work on awareness of your sensations first. Just practice sitting still and observing the sounds around you, the emotions you feel, the emotions of anyone else in the room which you may be able to perceive etc.

Once you are familiar with the way that your sense work, it’s time to start practicing.

Pick an object which you will like to ‘read’. Ideally, it will be an object that you know little about, but that someone else in your circle knows in depth. Try to read the object, focusing on any sensation that you are receiving. This may take a little while, but sit in intense awareness of any sounds, visuals or emotions that may come your way. When you perceive something write it down. Do not be judgmental about those sensation or try to make sense of them just yet.

Once you feel like you have got a few impressions out of that object, ask the person who is familiar with the object more about it. Is there a reason why you felt sadness when holding this box? Or why you heard laughter when touching this lamp?

It’s okay if your sensations were confused or unclear on your first try. Psychometry is a skill that must be practiced regularly if you are to become proficient.

We hope this introductory guide to psychometry has given you a sense of where that psychic skill comes from, what it is useful for, and how you too can start practicing it today!

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