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Top 10 CRM for Small Business

Posted By itechiesnet on Blogging - The best way to propagate your business is to have excellent relationship with your customers. This is easy if you have just a few customers to talk to. But what if your customer grows to a hundred? Or hundreds of thousands and you are receiving around 500 emails per day? Keeping track of the information your company needs to keep running is hard work. That is why we have CRM.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a way to manage the relationship with your customers. Through CRM, your organization can better serve their customers through the help of the processes and procedures of interacting with customers.
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Salesforce is a full-featured CRM software developed for all type of business. This all-in-one solution offers everything you need to not just manage your customers, but also close sales and manage your business.

One thing that is great about Salesforce is its intuitive dashboard. When you login, the dashboard greets you with a wide array of report widgets that gives you a quick glance on how your business is performing. You also have the option to customize what report to display. It was easy to navigate the software and the data is organized in one simple and easy to navigate interface.



All-in-one full featured software
Simple, yet intuitive interface
Third-party integration using Salesforce AppExchange
24/7 Support

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OnContact CRM is another full-featured CRM software targeted at small businesses. OnContact is offered either as a cloud or on-premise development. The CRM solves the unique needs of every growing company. It incorporates all the necessary tools needed to organize client contact information.

OnContact provides an effective and indispensable tool for the comprehensive and precise history of marketing, sales, service and ways to communicate with your clients.



Web-based CRM
Split-window feature
Mail Merging
Search Tools
Document Linking Management

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SalesNexus is a great choice for small business owners that helps in various functions of your business. SalesNexus is an online marketing, lead generation and CRM software rolled into one. Using a single interface, you can manage everything related to marketing and customer relations reducing the licensing fees and installation time.

SaleNexus organizes your sales efforts, track the progress and collaborate on the goals. SalesNexus has a web dashboard that tracks leads, proposals, sales call, emails, etc. Moreover, you can also customize the dashboard to your liking.

SalesNexus is mobile-friendly. This means that you can track the progress of your marketing efforts, add contacts, schedule meetings, log call details, and coordinate every team's schedules even while on the move.



Completely automates the steps needed to be taken into a secure and close prospect.
Send up to 25,000 emails per month per user.
Cloud-based CRM.
Fully customizable dashboard.

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Insightly is a powerful CRM that is not only affordable, but loaded with features. Compared to other CRM software, Insightly stands out to the crowd with an easy to use interface, plenty of customization and integration, email tracking and templates, and granular sharing settings.

However, Insightly is only limited to a few aspects of your business unlike what Apptivo has and it does not offer custom reports and dashboards. Insightly is free up to 2 users. For a paid subscription, Insightly has a flexible plan of $12 up to $99 per month.



14-day free trial
Free up to 2 users
Integrate with Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and Microsfot Quickbooks online
Integrate with Office 365 for business.
Open API

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Zoho is a CRM software that does not compromise on the features just because you aren't paying for it. Unlike other CRM software that offers free trial, Zoho has all the core functionalities of the CRM and gets you on board with no additional costs.

Zoho CRM is best for small businesses who require a simple CRM solution. The free solution is more than enough to handle a business with no more than 10 employees. And because it is free, it is a budget-friendly way for business to test out a CRM software and understand how it works without breaking the bank.

Zoho is just one of the many services the company offers. Zoho also has a suite of the entire productivity tools available for you. This includes project management, email marketing, accounting, collaboration tools, and many more. What's great about it is that it fully integrates with other Zoho products. You can sync CRM-related data between solutions and manage it effectively using just a single platform.



Sales Force Automation
Marketing Automation
Inventory Management
CRM Analytics
Role-based security
Integration to Microsoft Outlook and Office.

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Infusionsoft is a CRM software that is built exclusively for small businesses. The software offers lead generation tools, email tools, social media management and other tools to engage and convert leads, streamlining sales and closing deals.

Infusionsoft is not for businesses that are just starting up as the software is not that budget friendly. You would be reluctant to pay at least $199, but if your prefer quality Infusionsoft would be a worthy purchase.



Marketing automation
Drag and drop landing page maker
Social sharing tols
Email marketing with automated campaigns
Sales Reports
Marketing Reports
Lead scoring and distribution
Track orders, sales, account receivables, etc.

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Apptivo is a cloud-based CRM software that has more than 40 apps for all types of businesses. Each app is designed to work a unique problem and you can integrate each app for a seamless solution to your business process. Apptivo is probably the most flexible and affordable CRM tools you can have for your small business.

With Apptivo, you can track sales, send online invoices, manage projects and more. Apptivo also has a mobile app in which you can manage while you're on the go. App users have the option of integrating the contacts, calendar, etc and build their own custom solution.

You can try Apptivo for free for up to 3 users, 50 standard app and contact sharing. And if you're convinced that Apptivo is the right CRM for you, there's a premium version at $10 per month and ultimate for $25 per month.



Lead Management
Lead tracking
campaign dashboard
multi-channel marketing
quote management
customer service integration.
Remote access

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Hubspot CRM

Hubspot CRM is a free CRM solution for your business. It is a CRM software that businesses have been anticipating for quite some time, yet Hubspot CRM was the only software that was able to accomplish that.

Hubspot CRM is a lightweight CRM tool that offers some of the best features a CRM platform can get. It is designed for your business to get started and keep focused on selling without changing the way you and your team already do things. It is ideal for small businesses that don't have a CRM or those that are not fully using their system.

Hubspot is free for current hubspot users. So you are free to try out the software without spending anything.



Connects to Gmail, Google Apps, Apple Mail, Outlook.
Phone integration
Google Calendar integration
Collect and store contacts in an easy-to-use database.
Data enrichment

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Capsule CRM is a hosted CRM software that can keep track of your clients and prospects online. There are two editions of Capsule CRM: The free edition that lets you have up to two users and store up to 250 contacts. This is good enough for small businesses who are just starting out and don't have any idea how a CRM works. The professional edition is for a more established business with more than 25 employees. At $8 to $12 per user, it can store up to 500,000 contacts and can store up to 2GB of files. This edition also allows you to integrate third party apps to your account.

Capsule CRM is pretty straightforward to use. It's interface is friendly that even anyone who hasn't touch a CRM software before will learn how to use it right away.

Another useful aspect of Capsule CRM is it's integration with Google apps. You can integrate Google Calendar, Google Contacts and Gmail to your Capsule CRM and it seamlessly syncs to it. This is a paid feature, so if you rely heavily on Google apps and require seamless integration pay for the subscription service.



Can group contacts into lists
Detailed contacts view.
App integration
Manage tasks along with your contacts
Mobile apps available.

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Nimble CRM is an insightful software to help small businesses build a better relationship across all social channels. The software offers a smart and easy way to engage and nurture contacts as well as get new leads for your business.

Nimble is not new to the CRM industry. It has been offering social dashboard to consumer for several years now. At $15 per month per user, you'll have everything you need to get started in reaping the benefits of a CRM software.



Keyword research
Automatic contact import
Calendar and event scheduler
Task management
Combined channel inbox
Rules engine

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