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Tips for Landing Your First Product Manager Job in 2022

Posted By Webnus on Blogging - Product management is an ideal option for someone interested in a career with variety. The role rests at the intersection of technology, design, and business and combines strategy, leadership, marketing, and other skills with the aim of launching amazing products. Since most employers prefer hiring candidates with previous product management experience, getting a job can be challenging. To narrow your product management job search, decide on the type of product manager you’d like to be, including technical, consumer, internal and B2B product managers.   Landing Your First Product Manager Job Below are six tips for landing your first product manager job.   Assess and Develop Your Product Skills When looking for your first product management role, it's vital to examine and develop the required product management skills. Product management employers want candidates with communication skills, data-driven skills, technical abilities, leadership, a user-centric approach, and a strategic mindset. Consider using a product skills toolkit to assess your skills. Once you know what you're lacking, educate yourself and build your skills by investing in short online product management courses or using other free internet resources such as Google analytics.   Apply for An Entry-Level Product Manager Role Entry-level product management roles like internships, junior product management, and associate product management are ideal positions if you're joining the field, a recent graduate, or in college. They involve a combination of hands-on training exercises and product management activities, helping you gain real-world work experience that prepares you for career progression. You can find these roles on sites like Glassdoor, Dick’s sporting goods jobs at Lensa, LinkedIn, and others.   Learn how To Write Code A product manager capable of writing code is a technical product manager. They're scarce and in high demand as they are well-equipped to lead product building developers. Polishing your tech...

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