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Sugar Ants Explained (with Photos) + DIY Removal Instructions

Posted By planetnatural on Home - As their name suggests, sugar ants have a particular affinity for sweet substances, and their organized foraging behavior and social structure make them a fascinating species to observe.  Sugar ant is a term used to describe many ant species that all share their love of sugar. Sugar ants enter your home in search of sweet and sugary food. They eat baked goods, fruits, raw sugar, sweets, and honeydew from aphids.  Little black ants, pavement ants, carpenter ants, and ghost ants are some of the insects that fall into the sugar ant category.  How Can You Spot Sugar Ants? Since there are several types of sugar ants, they vary in size and color. But they range from 1-13 mm and can have brown, reddish-brown, black, white, or even yellow bodies. They tend to have a tiny waist, large blackheads, and a rusty brownish middle. Sugar ants are often spotted in kitchens (especially on kitchen counters), sinks, cabinets, and sometimes outdoors under rocks and logs. Types of Sugar Ants There are over a hundred different species of ants worldwide, with a small portion feeding on sugary foods. The term sugar ant in America is a colloquial term used to identify several species... Read more

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