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Secure Payments: How To Safely Make Payments Online in 2021

Posted By Webnus on Blogging - There is nothing more seamless than taking payment online – let alone the hassle of carrying cash, the burden of change, and possibly theft too. Agreed! But remember, where there are perks, there are cons also. The risks linked with paying online are high, and you must practice safety precautions to steer away from traps you could fall into.   Note that the new generation's hungry customer lacks patience and does not lack the variety and options around. It would not take a consumer more than a second to switch if met with incoherencies. About 58% of the consumers blame it on the security concerns if they see a payment failure or takes too much time to process. Hence, it is no surprise that securing your payments is an excellent way to show customers your honesty and trademark your authenticity. To achieve that trust of the consumers, you will have to take up specific compliance requirements that serve the purpose. Today, this post will run you through the need to get an SSL Certificate, EV SSL Certificate, and why PCI Compliance will save you a fortune.   How to Safely Make Payments Online Here is what we will be digging into today: What is an SSL Certificate? What does the SSL Certificate validate? What are the steps to the SSL Process? How to take Payments? What is an EV SSL Certificate? What is PCI Compliance? Ways of achieving PCI Compliance Why should you become PCI Compliant?   What Do You Understand About an SSL Certificate? SSL stands for a secure socket layer and is a measure of standard security technology that establishes a safe link between a user's web server and a website. It is the job of an SSL to ensure that all the communications that take place within are...

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