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Render-Blocking JavaScript and CSS in WordPress: 5 Plugins to Fix It

Posted By Webnus on Blogging - It was not a long time ago when Google announced that the websites taking more than three seconds to load are not SEO-friendly. In this era of internet and digital marketing, you need to have the fastest website if you want to compete with thousands of rivals all over the world effectively. There's no doubt that a faster website has better chances of attracting visitors and increasing their engagement in their content. Running a WordPress website means a significant number of scripts that run at the same time to make your site accessible. However, not all of these items are always essential to load. If you've ever checked your website's performance with Google PageSpeed Insights, you've probably come across the render-blocking JavaScript and CSS option that impacts its speed. Today we're going to talk about these extraneous files and enlighten you about the ways you can remove them to improve your site. What Is Render-blocking JavaScript and CSS? In sum, render-blocking JavaScript and CSS are a series of style-sheets and scripts necessary to run entirely before a site loads and becomes visible. The themes and plugins you install on your WordPress website add plenty of these files to the front-end section of your website. And as you may have guessed, some of them slow down the page load time and prevent your pages from getting rendered. When a website visitor opens your website, the internet browser first loads the necessary JavaScript and CSS files before the HTML. This is an ordinary procedure since a page without these essential elements will be unusable. The problem is that the web browser can't render the page before these files are loaded completely. The trick here is that you can postpone the loading of some scripts without causing any problems for what the visitors...

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