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No Magazine Covers for Melania — Gee I Wonder Why?

Posted By oliveamerica 390 days ago on all - So skin-deep beauty aside, what are the other qualities that make a First Lady appealing, that would make a publisher eager to showcase her loveliness on its cover? Maybe the answer lies in some of Melania’s accomplishments over the last four years:

1.) Melania’s illiterate and tone-deaf “Be Best” campaign with an overly broad focus on children’s well-being, including cyberbullying (do I have to spell out the hypocrisy?)

2.) Melania’s widely panned revamp of the White House Rose Garden, which removed and replaced most of the colorful and historic elements that remained from the garden’s creation in 1961 during JFK’s presidency

3.) Melania’s re-transformation of the White House basketball court, where President Obama hosted and played hoops with the likes of Magic Johnson and college basketball champs, back to its original use as a tennis court but now with an expensive pavilion (paid for with private funds)

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