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News Flash: For shizzle - FLy the Fly VINTAGE has hit the town

Posted By carolinestyling 1840 days ago on Fashion - It's been a while since i had a really exciting NEWS FLASH post to write about but this one's brilliant -we've got a VINTAGE store in Sliema, a really really good one. Fly the Fly is the name and I fell in love with both the merchandise and the ultra cool decor. The store is the brainchild of Maria from Sweeden who is herself a vintage lover and had an amazing style. The store is located at the foot of Manuel Dimech right opposite Cafe Berry. There's a floor dedicated to vintage-inspired fashion and another floor dedicate to true vintage (both men and women) and a small section to ,luxury pre-owned. I ended up getting two pieces from the vintage section and one from the vintage - inspired. Vintage Section - The clothes are in very, very good condition and best of all, they're all been cleaned and aired so there isn't any of that musty old smell you sometimes find in vintage stores. The clothes are also all neatly laid out like in franchise stores - sometimes in vintage stores abroad, I find the layout of the merchandise a bit off putting so this is a very important point. Enjoying the shopping experience is important. There are favourites such as levis jackets / jeans, some glitzy evening wear, 60's dresses and leather bags.Check out the pics from the vintage section belowVintage Inspired - There are some really stylish pieces here so if you're not really into wearing something that has been pre-loved this section is the one for you.

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