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MANGANO Christmas Gift Guide

Posted By carolinestyling 2359 days ago on Fashion - When it comes to Christmas presents there are a few rites of passages that I seem to have gone through. I'd like to believe that it's been the same for most people and I'm not alone in my weird present history. As a child, it was all about what Santa brought and the new toys mummy and daddy brought me. The gifts were generally a surprise, at least the Santa ones for sure. As a teenager, it became all about what could I convince the parents to shell out for. As I grew into an adult, I realised that the magic of gifting is really in the element of surprise but it's fun to guess so it became about not knowing but knowing.Nowadays, I seem to be at a crossroads. My dearest friends and family seem to think I have everything and that they could not possibly get my gift right so I should just spare everyone a lot of pain and hassle and tell them what I want. I believe that since I do have a lot of things, it's the thought and effort and well surprise element that counts. Then again I don't like the thought of receiving things I don't like. A solution has been to create a list - a very long list of things I want that people are free to choose from - most likely, I forget half the things I put on it right after putting them but at least I definitely like them.To help ease the pain of either choosing what to gift or choosing what others should gift you, I've decided to compile a few gift guides this festive season and the first one is the MANGANO gift guide. This guide should be read by all men looking to buy their better halves a stylish, high-quality gift or those intelligent women telling them what to buy.MANGANO Gift GuideThe first in the list is Gilet Kalik- €399.00 - a warm, super stylish gilet that is great worn with black / all white or a touch of denim. I love stylish snuggly pieces in Winter - the fur is faux and the hood is detachable by the way.Accessories are always a good idea - no sizes to frustrate your mind over and no on an ever have enough. This belt, is something I'm rather obsessed over - I love the double buckle trend so popular right now and I also love the western trend - this hits both. The Borsa Roger- €299.00 and Cintura Tytla- €139.00Jumpsuits are 2016's fix of getting super glammed up without having to be all feminine in a dress. Jumpsuits have that super vibe of chic, sexy, smart and powerful - This red Tuta Anelaide- €299.00is super, super stunning and the elegant Body KIT - €239.00 is also a winner.Of course this doesn't mean we're putting dresses in the corner - for those who love wearing dresses, lime me and myself - there's something magical about wearing that special dress, a pair of fabulous heels, some red lipstick and glamming the night away. Abito Hugo - €429. I would also express true undying love to anyone that buys me a warm, winter jacket. This jacket Piumino Friburgo- €599.00

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