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Inateck BCST-20 Barcode Scanner Review

Posted By dragonblogger 1985 days ago on Blog Tips - I was sent a handheld Inateck scanner, model BCST-20. Now, normally for home use, there might not be any need for such a device. But I wanted to give it a try anyways. The scanner is physically easy to use. Point, and click. It reads a bar code and renders a not too loud “beep”, [...]
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Raymond Stapleton

I have worked in and around many different types of computers. In the Navy, I used a magtape drive computer that was a step down from pen and paper. I later worked for a big computer company and after tat, taught computer class’s nation wide. I had the privilege of teaching 14,000 students in a 2 years period of time. Afterwards, I owned a small computer training and repair shop for a few years. I have owned C-64’s, Pc’s of various types, Amiga’s, and even Mac’s. I now have included the android to my collection. At any time, I have close to 15-20 computers or combinations of computers and game systems in the house. I look forward to more.

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