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How to Get Your WordPress Website Listed to Google News

Posted By Webnus on Blogging - Getting listed on Google News can bring you a plethora of benefits because Google uses its latest algorithm for ranking the most authentic and best news on its news search engine. In other words, the most informative and relevant websites get massive traffic. The benefits of becoming a Google news source range from better organic website traffic, increased brand awareness, increased links to increased authenticity, authority status, and various added benefits from Google. Google is a tech giant that continues to reign when it comes to search engine market share. A website owner is always looking for new and innovative ways to bring traffic to their site from Google, and getting listed in Google News is one of the best ways for your news content to gain more attention. If you are wondering about how to get your WordPress website listed in Google News, then you're in the right place because we're about to go through the process step by step.   What is Google News? In the past, there were a few prerequisites for getting considered for Google News listing. Late in 2019, Google removed the requirement to submit your website. The only requirement to get featured in the News section of search or Top Stories is to produce high quality content and comply with Google News content policy. However, the advice and practical tips for becoming eligible for Google News still work. What is Google News? It is part of Google's search engine that collects and aggregates news headlines and stories from countless information sources across the globe. Once aggregated, the news is displayed to users based on factors such as user interests and preferences, authority, content freshness, and relevancy. These news articles are featured within Google's main SERP and on Google News.   Why Would I Want My...

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