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How To Deal With A Boss Who Wants You To Work Overtime For Free

Posted By fershid 1577 days ago on Design - How do you deal with a manager or a boss who asks you to work overtime, without extra pay? Should you work the extra hours for free just because everyone else is still in office?

The answer is NO, you shouldn’t, if it’s outside of your contract. The creative industry has made it a norm to work overtime, but if you’re not able to finish your work in the stipulated time, you need to work on your productivity. It’s also important that you negotiate the terms of your contract, before you take on a job.

In this short video, Chris Do and Greg Gunn from The Futur indulge in a little role play and show you how to tackle an unreasonable boss who tries to corner you on your way out. Greg plays the overly pushy boss and Chris plays the freelancer. Watch here.

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