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How Important Is Web Design For Your Marketing Strategy?

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It's no secret..
Digital marketing is the new marketing of today.
If every other person owns a PC, a Tablet and a smartphone, wouldn’t business owners and other organizations want to use that to their advantage in their marketing strategy?
But how big of a part does web design play in this story?
Well, let’s just say that your web design simply makes or breaks the potential customer’s desire to stay.
Web design constitutes of content, graphics, SEO, UX, and layout.
And you need to make sure to take care of all these components in order to have a successful digital marketing strategy.
So the bottom line is..
If you haven’t launched a site yet, or are thinking your old site could use some love and pampering, here are some advice to take into consideration.

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The first thing to have in mind is that your website design should reflect and be closely linked to your marketing strategy.
The two need to work together in order to attain the best ROI.
But here’s the kicker:
If your business has values, a mission, a message, make sure it’s shown in your website.
If you’re thinking about what things best represent your brand and message, ask yourself these questions:

Who benefits from our product and service?
What is the sole purpose of this product/service?
How can we make lives better and easier?

Your marketing efforts will have incredibly better results when they align with your web design and support your brand.

User Experience (UX)

Did you know that UX is one of the most important aspects of web design that is often overlooked?
Just think about it.
It’s the part of the design process that allows users (visitors) to have a seamless experience whenever they visit via website or app.
That includes the design of the website and making a good workflow with it.
UX usually focuses his goals on its audience, so a good research of customer base is indeed necessary. The main goal is to let the visitors engage with the site which eventually converts these interactions into sales or leads.
User experience often relies on the design and functionality of the website.
What’s the bottom line?
Every user must not have difficulties navigating the website, every page has to load fast, important aspects need to have accessibility – all in all.
Everything needs to be working because customers don’t like spending a lot of their time waiting for a page to load or looking for a specific button.
According to Web Design Sydney experts, almost 60% of consumers worldwide stated they would rather engage with a beautifully designed content.
This means that your site needs to be intuitive and tastefully designed in order to attract customers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
While UX allows people who visit to have a positive experience, SEO makes sure you even have customers.
Web design can’t exist without SEO, and getting more exposure online should be any business’ priority.
The basis of SEO lies in the fact that it’s a powerful method to rank your website high up in search engines for specific targeted keywords.
I mean, the organic search engine results usually bring websites with quality-content in the first place.
You need to include relevant keywords into your site page’s URL, meta descriptions and alt tags. That’s the basis of your operations – to achieve consistent results.
And to stay on top of your search engine results, a blog is one of the best solutions.
By providing high-quality content which can engage with the audience, you are building a community around yourself and also boosting your organic search results.
People often search for solutions to their problems, so they can get very specific when they type something into Google.
It’s better to create long-tail keywords which can boost your ranks in your targeted niche.
Search results are supported by content mostly, since search engines, especially Google, tend to think more like humans and less like an algorithm – making it a better experience every time it’s used.
Content is obligatory for a successful SEO campaign, and the best way to promote that content is through social media.
Bear in mind that social media also leverages marketing strategies so use it to your advantage.

Reflecting the Brand
You don’t need a bachelor’s degree in information technology to spot a badly designed website.
People see it all the time, and by intuition know when a website is bad.
And when it’s not, even if they didn’t get to experience any issues loading or other technical problems that are detrimental to a website’s quality.
Bottom line is:
Your website needs to appear authoritative in design in order to catch the attention of the user and gain their trust.
No one wants to browse, let alone order something from a badly designed, template-looking website with obscure or tasteless stock pictures and generic text.
Users unconsciously build an opinion about your brand based on what they’ve seen on your website in a matter of seconds, so that can make or break their decision to interact with your business.
Websites are meant to reflect a brand, so make sure to have it included – the message, the color schemes, even a catch-phrase. It all contributes to the first impression which matters the most.
By considering your core brand values, you are getting the picture of how your website should look to your customers.
Here's the deal:
You don’t even have to stop at the aesthetics – think bigger. For example, if you own a bookshop – you can literally “turn a page” in order to get to another page. Simplistic and intuitive designs are what nowadays passes best in most cases.

Final thoughts
Web design isn’t just slapping a few words, a logo and a shopping cart onto a website, it’s so much more than that.
A clever businessman and webmaster know exactly how to attract their customers, and that needs to be reflected on their website as well.
Follow this advice and you’ll surely get an increase in ROI which is driven by new leads, sales, and traffic.
It’s important to have all these things in mind when starting a business – but don’t worry if you already have, it’s never too late for a good website revamp.

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