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Hilarious Digestive Pill Ads Show Food Items As Characters In Hostile Situations

Posted By fershid 2004 days ago on Advertising - Agency Dhélet Y&R in Buenos Aires has come up with a cracker of a campaign for Hepachofa Digestive Pills. The 3-ad series imagines food items as characters inside the stomach, that are about to face an uncomfortable (or should we say gut-wrenching) situation. For example, the first ad shows a ‘pizza husband’ coming back home from a long day at work, and his ‘pizza wife’ is in bed with a chocolate.

The second ad features an avocado and a burrito, that look like Mexican immigrants, about to face a burger that looks like Donald Trump. The third one shows two beef patty cops busting a sausage poker party. The tagline reads “This is gonna get ugly”. Check out the ads here.

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