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eCommerce Chatbots

Posted By tariehk 1671 days ago on Marketing - Shopping bots are nifty tools that are created to simulate a customer service representative replying to customer’s messages. What these do is that they have a set reply for any type of questions thrown at them. These are useful for eCommerce websites and online businesses that need to constantly reply to their customers. These free up the business owner’s time as well as save him money in hiring employees that can do the same.

Here’s how a chatbot works. As a person interacts with it, it imitates human behavior in different forms. It can be done through text, voice, video and others. From here, it taps its knowledge database that is usually stored in a separate server. It then performs the process of information lookup, customer service, consultation, education and others automatically. This process allows the chatbot to return the information necessary to answer the question of the user.

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