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Dogwood Tree: Care, Planting, History, and Common Types

Posted By planetnatural on Home - Dogwood trees make an excellent landscape choice for all four seasons. They’re available in an extensive range of colors, sizes, and shapes, and provide structure and color to the landscape throughout the majority of the year. They bloom earlier than many other flowering trees, making them one of the first signs of spring. Even in small yards, the Dogwood’s manageable height of about 25 feet makes it an excellent choice for enhancing property value. The white dogwood tree (Cornus florida) is a particular favorite amongst gardeners. It features stunning four-petal white blooms from spring to summer that turn into breathtaking red-purple foliage by fall. It’s then followed by a stunning flash of color in the form of glossy red fruits that attract winter songbirds during winter for the enjoyment of all. It also makes a nice contrast when placed with pink or red dogwoods and larger evergreens in the background. If you live in zones 3 – 8, this is the perfect tree for you since it requires moist air and part shade to thrive. On the dogwood tree, what many people mistake for flowers are actually beautiful structures called bracts, which range in color from delicate white to deep pink. The... Read more

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