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Creeping Charlie AKA Ground Ivy – Everything You Need to Know

Posted By planetnatural on Home - Also known as ground ivy, Creeping Charlie is an invasive nuisance ground cover that can quickly overpower grass and ornamental plants. This groundcover is native to Europe, and it was later introduced to North America in the 1800s as bot as a medicinal and ornamental plant. Nowadays, Creeping Charlie has proliferated into a hard-to-kill lawn weed. This ground ivy readily spreads from its seeds, rhizomes/roots, and stems that root at the nodes. Keep reading if you want to know how to get rid of it.  What is Creeping Charlie? Creeping Charlie is a ground-hugging plant classified as an aromatic evergreen and a mint relative. Creeping Charlie is a perennial, meaning it can live over two years and thrives in moist shady areas, though it can also tolerate sun. Creeping Charlie was thought to be a good shade groundcover. A variegated form of Creeping Carlie is usually used in hanging baskets.  Scientific name: Glechoma hederacea Common names: ground ivy, catsfoot, alehoof Family: Lamiaceae (Mint family)              Native Status: Introduced Habitat: Lawns Is Creepy Charlie Really That Bad? Although some homeowners are not fond of creeping Charlie, it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a nuisance weed; it can add... Read more

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