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Content Marketing for Startups: How to Develop a Killer Strategy

Posted By Lisapats on all - According to the stats from the University of Tennessee, 44% of startups are closed in the first three years of their operation. However, this is the most positive statistic that we could have found. What are the main reasons for business failures? How to make sure that the same situation doesn’t happen to you? There are many reasons explaining the above numbers. Organizational and managerial problems, lack of qualifications of managers, inexperienced startup teams – are perhaps the most common reasons for business failure. However, the lack of demand and the absence of a clear content marketing strategy can also make a startup fail.

Unfortunately, many beginning entrepreneurs fail to recognize the importance of content marketing to their products. You may create a good company, hire true professionals, develop a unique product. However, you still will fail if you don’t do a marketing plan and metrics.

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