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Clever Ads By Smart Car Show How Situations Change When You Reach Your Destination On Time

Posted By fershid 1838 days ago on Advertising - The Smart ForTwo micro-car is only 2.69 metres in length, so finding a parking spot for it won’t take too much time. Based on this insight, BBDO Germany came up with a witty print + film campaign that shows how the Smart ForTwo can help you save time and turn a negative situation into a positive one.

The first ad film begins with a headline that says “The first thing you see at the office party is your crush making out with Bob from accounting.” After a few seconds, a Smart ForTwo drives in and gets parked in the tiny space between the words “crush” and “making”. The car looks like a full stop/period between the sentence. The rest of the words disappear leaving just “The first thing you see at the office party is your crush.”

The tagline reads “Life doesn’t wait until you’ve found a parking space.” There are three print ads and three animated films based on this concept. Check out the entire campaign here.

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