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Cheap A.I. Removes Superman’s Moustache Better Than Warner Bros’ $25 Million Job

Posted By fershid 1434 days ago on Movies - If you’ve watched the Justice League movie which came out in November 2017, you’ll remember how Superman’s face looked like a potato sack in some scenes. That’s because Warner Bros. did a shoddy job of removing Henry Cavill’s moustache digitally and they reportedly spent $25 million on the CGI. Cavill couldn’t shave it off due to contract obligations with Paramount’s Mission Impossible: 6.

Now, the Deep Fakes Club has released a video in which they’ve used a $500 computer bought off Craigslist and free Deep Fakes software to teach an A.I. how to digitally remove Henry Cavill’s moustache in a variety of situations. The results are better than what Warner Bros’ managed to achieve with their $25 million budget. Watch here.

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