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An open letter to the struggling student

Posted By LaurelS 247 days ago on Education -

An open letter to the struggling studentDear student,I see you struggling. I know you’re feeling embarrassed. And I want you to know, I’m not mad at you. I would not want to be mad at you, and I hope never to get mad at you.All of these things, it’s okay for you to do:Say, “I don’t know”Play or sing the wrong noteGive the wrong answerMess up your songSound badNot get it right on the first tryNot get it right on the 100th trySay, “I don’t understand”Ask questions about musicSay, “I still don’t understand”I want you to know I don’t expect you to get everything right the first time. Making mistakes and struggling is how we learn; it’s not just okay, it’s essential. ESSENTIAL. That’s what practice and learning are all about - making mistakes, so we can understand the difference between correct and something else.You might feel embarrassed about making mistakes, and I understand that. Trust me. I understand. I’ve been there. So many times. It’s okay to make those mistakes and have those feelings in front of me, your teacher, because I’m the one who’s there to help you.What does upset me a little is when you stop trying. I don’t want you to pretend you don’t know because you’re frustrated. I don’t want you to lie to me and say you did your assignment when you didn’t. I don’t want you to change the subject to try to waste time and avoid working on your music. And I wouldn’t be mad if you did any of those things, but I’d feel a bit disappointed, because those are signs that you aren’t trusting me.Student, please, trust me. You have the power to learn and grow, and you’re doing it! Your lessons are a safe place for your feelings, your mistakes, and your struggles. You’re doing just fine.Love,Your teacher

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