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Amazing New ‘Super Resolution’ Tool In Adobe Photoshop Can Turn Low-Res Pics To High-Res

Posted By fershid 1214 days ago on all - In a major breakthrough for the photo industry, Adobe has released a powerful new feature called ‘Super Resolution’ that can upsize an image 4x times while preserving its details and colors. For instance, you can turn a 10-megapixel image into a 40-megapixel image and maintain its sharpness at a higher resolution, thereby improving its quality.

Enlarging a low-resolution image, for printing or other purposes, can lead to blurry results and loss of quality. But the AI-powered Super Resolution feature uses an advanced machine learning model trained on millions of photos to intelligently enlarge images while maintaining sharp edges and preserving details.

The tool is available in Adobe Camera Raw 13.2 plugin for Photoshop and will soon be headed to Lightroom and Lightroom Classic. The images below show how Super Resolution compares with standard bicubic resampling.

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