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Allen Harbor Scallop Shell: A Waterfront Metaphor by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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Allen Harbor Scallop ShellScallop shell in bluestone

Scallop shell in bluestone

There is a reason why I make certain distinctions. I realize that the waterfront is on the shoreline. But, there is something distinctive about the waterfront. The connotation of waterfront, if not denotation, is something akin to a utility. Related to utility is work. The waterfront is where things happen.

This work and utility thoughts lead us to a scallop shell cast among bluestone or Belgian Stone. The stone is the edging brought in to stabilize the soil near docks and piers. The scallop shell is the remnant of work (and someone's tasty meal). It's not on the beach and it's not on the shoreline per se. No. This is the waterfront. This is the product of working.

There are recreational vessels preparing for the boating season nearby. This requires hard-working individuals on the Allen Harbor waterfront as well. But this one lone shell is the perfect metaphor for the working waterfront. This is where the water meets the land and where things happen.

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