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AI and WordPress: 10 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Help You

Posted By Webnus on Blogging - Building and maintaining a successful website requires a lot of factors to be considered. In particular, UX / UI, SEO, communication with visitors, writing quality content. It can be difficult to take everything into account at once. Artificial intelligence (AI) can cope with this. With its help, you can not only automate many tasks but also provide the most effective forecasting. Therefore, we will tell you what AI is. Also, let's take a look at 10 things you can improve by simply adding a plugin to your WordPress site. What is AI (Artificial Intelligence)? Artificial intelligence is a component of machine learning. The tool is programmed to mimic human intelligence and perform creative tasks. To do this, AI analyzes colossal amounts of data. In the process of work, it learns itself. This combination allows you to find the most effective solutions to achieve your goals. For example, to drive traffic. How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Your WordPress Website? Here are 10 of the most important ways artificial intelligence can help your WordPress website: Personalized Suggestions AI analyzes the user's interaction with the site and makes appropriate recommendations. The person receives relevant content. Therefore, he spends more time on the site, researching a company or product. AI is already being used by platforms like Netflix and Hulu. The algorithms collect data about the shows watched, suggesting the ones that are most likely to interest the user. By the way, Netflix can be integrated into your site by providing relevant video content to your visitors. Taking CX to The Next Level Chatbots and a virtual assistant provide the most efficient service for website visitors. Able to answer the most popular questions. The tools are based on natural language processing. Through it, the chatbot or virtual assistant recognizes speech (request) and responds accordingly....

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