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After Coronavirus Setback: 5 Reopening Tips for Your Office

Posted By Webnus on WP Themes - The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every business. While some businesses in the UK were able to shift to the work-from-home model or make significant adjustments to workdays and operating hours, others were forced to completely close down. Even though the UK remains under a firm lock-down, life will eventually get back to normal with many of us joining offices again after a long period. Thus, you should start planning for the reopening phase. Think about what strategies you will adopt in the post-pandemic era to make your office a safe and sustainable place to work. Here are some reopening tips for your office after the pandemic: Reopening Tips for Your Office Regardless of what the government allows, we’d recommend you to think about what’s best for your individual case. The most important factor to consider is the daily surge in Coronavirus cases and the severity of the situation in your locality. Based on that, you need to think about whether you really need to call your employees to work. If your business is running smoothly with a WFH model, why not wait until the risks are totally eliminated? Another critical factor to consider is the level of contact your business demands. If you run a retail store or a restaurant, indirect contact might be unavoidable among staff and customers. Likewise, direct physical contact is common in gyms and hair and beauty salons. Finally, even if your business doesn’t require contact between people and clients, think about whether it’s possible to enforce social distancing in your business facility. Safety Measures to Implement in the Office Deploy a Temperature Taking Operation One smart measure is to regularly take employees’ temperature as they enter the workplace. If you decide to implement this measure, consider appointing a healthcare professional, who will possess the necessary training...

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