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Adobe ‘Moving Stills’ Turns Static Images Into 3D Animated Photos And Videos

Posted By fershid 1679 days ago on Photography - When you’re browsing through old photos do you sometimes wish you could view a video or a 3D animation of the same scene?

Although companies like Apple and Samsung let you capture Live Photos or Motion Photos with their mobile devices, those are just flat video recordings taken a few seconds before you click a picture. The images don’t really give you a 3D perspective – there’s no parallax and no illusion of depth. You also can’t turn your old photos into live photos.

Well, Adobe is working on a brilliant new tool called Moving Stills that enables any photograph to be turned into a live photo by animating the image in 3D. It simulates a realistic effect of walking through the scene using deep learning powered by Adobe Sensei artificial intelligence (AI). You can also use different camera paths and animate multiple photos at once.

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