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A Beginners Guide To Write SEO Friendly Content in 2021

Posted By Webnus on Blogging - Google analytics have proven that about 75% of users do not scroll past the first page of the search engine. Additionally, the first three search results get around 60% of all traffic from a particular web search. Search Engine Optimization allows your content to rank higher in search engine algorithms which in turn increases the exposure rate of your content. All online businesses have taken to using SEO-friendly content to their advantage by applying digital marketing tactics into online content to sell their products or services. How Can SEO Friendly Content Benefit You? SEO friendly content can benefit your business in several ways. Search engine optimized content increases the flow of organic traffic to your website. SEO friendly content allows you the opportunity to have sustainable growth. Search engine optimized content provides you with better leads and a huge surge in your conversion rates. SEO friendly content also increases your overall revenue. Search engine optimization allows you easy access to the target audience for your content. Tips for Writing SEO Friendly Content It is easy to understand the importance of SEO friendly content however, it is a challenge to actually generate content that ranks higher on search engine algorithms. Here are twelve tips that can help you in writing SEO friendly content. Estimate Type of Content and Research Relevant Keywords The first step is to identify the theme of your content and assign it a category. There are countless types of content on the internet, so it is important to stand out in whichever category best suits your content. After the proper theme of your content has been estimated, it is time for research. You need to find out which keywords are relevant to your content type and make sure to use all of them at least once in your...

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