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9 Usability Testing Questions for Awesome UX

Posted By Webnus on Blogging - Usability testing is used to ensure your website or software product is coherent. This is one of the most important steps when you are launching a new website, a product or a demo. It also helps you: improve conversions and overall user experience identify issues that you can easily fix receive objective feedback from participants Skipping that step is likely to result in lost clients, opportunities and ROI. Statistics show that 70% of failed online businesses have bad usability. Also, 88% of online shoppers wouldn’t return to a website with a bаd user experience. Various usability testing tools and methods exist to help you perform such a procedure. In this article, we’ll focus on the usability testing questions you need to ask your target audience to gain raw insights and improve your UX.   Screening Questions Before we jump into the usability testing questions, you need a background of your target audience to better understand its behavior. Make sure you explain everything to your participants so they don’t feel like they are being examined. You can do so by giving detailed context of why their feedback matters to you and your project. Screening questions relate to the demographics, skills and habits of your target audience. We split them into two parts:   Demographics Questions Collect personal data from your target audience by asking questions related to: age education income profession location   Pre-Test Questions Thеse questions allow you to gain data on your target audience’s experience, knowledge and even attitude towards your product. They may relate to the participants’: ability to navigate online frequency of surfing or using products like yours devices they most often use familiarity with your brand key motivations to buy or use specific products and tools   Nine Usability Testing Questions for Awesome UX Once you’ve...

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