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8 Best WordPress Plugins for Writers

Posted By Webnus on Blogging - We live in a digital world with many tools and services available to us. No matter what the profession is, technology has blessed us with ways to make our tasks easier. With the change in times, every profession and its needs have changed and so has the task of writers as well. Previously, writers used pen and paper to craft their tales and then moved on to typewriters and keyboards as the world advanced. The authors of today have to do a lot more than simply write. Since most of them have gone digital, they have to think about how to rank better on search engines, manage their editorial teams, promote themselves on social networks and a lot more. This is where WordPress and its plugins come in. They are designed to help authors do multiple tasks and equip them with all they need to plan, create, publish, and monitor the reader feedback for their writings. However, there are so many services out there that it gets hard for a person to choose the best one. In this article, we have put together the best WordPress plugins for writers that will make your life easier.   Best WordPress Plugins for Writers Let's find out what are the top and best WordPress plugins for writers:   HubSpot HubSpot WordPress plugin is an amazing plugin and is very popular amongst its users. It has various useful functions but the one which everyone likes is the way it provides data regarding which content is doing great with people and resonating with them. With a built-in analytic function in HubSpot, you can easily see which content on your blog is performing great and then you can take your marketing strategy in that direction moving forward. It is a free WordPress plugin which makes it...

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