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7 Tips to Write a Winning Content Marketing Strategy Plan

Posted By Webnus on Blogging - A proper content marketing strategy is often what can make or break a business on the global market. With 2021 at the doorstep, now’s a good time to rethink your content marketing strategy. According to Small Biz Trends, 91% of businesses have content marketing channels in place, however, only 33% have a documented strategy present. This indicates that many businesses rely on ad-hoc and day-to-day marketing without long-term planning – which can backfire easily. Based on Smart Insights, 76% of marketers use organic traffic (SEO) as an indicator of content marketing success, with 84% of them outsourcing content creation. These numbers showcase a shift in the mentality of marketers who would rather focus on planning and analysis rather than moment-to-moment content creation. With that in mind, how can you plan a successful content marketing strategy for 2021 which will help your business continue its organic growth? What are the benefits of doing so today rather than waiting for the calendar year to roll around? Let’s discuss that and more in the following segments. Why a Proper Content Marketing Strategy Matters for your Business? Before we dive into practical advice on how to establish a winning content marketing strategy, let’s discuss the “why” behind such a move. Content marketing effectively represents the process of research, creation, publishing, and subsequent analysis of marketing content under your business’ name. Paired with a premium WordPress theme for your website, your content marketing efforts can pay off substantially by attracting leads through organic SEO search ranking. Judging by 99 Firms, 78% of CMOs see content marketing as the future of marketing, while 60% create at least one content piece a day. Based on this, it’s best to start planning your content marketing for 2021 early to establish your business’s presence on time. If we were...

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