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7 Awesome Marketing/Automation Tools to Supercharge Your Content Creation Process

Posted By Webnus on Blogging - In digital marketing, the adage “adapt or face extinction” has evolved into “automate or face extinction.” Automation helps small enterprises compete with corporations that have extensive resources. Fortunately, the potential for automation exists in many facets of the marketing journey, from social media to email communications. Selecting the right tools can make all the difference when incorporating automation into the marketing process.   Marketing/Automation Tools to Supercharge Your Content Creation Process Here are seven awesome marketing automation tools to supercharge your content creation:   Facetune Video Facetune is a photo editing app that's been a staple for influencers and marketers in recent years. Facetune Video is the evolution of this app to account for the rise in video marketing. This app is primarily viewed as having the best tik-tok filters for selfies and front-facing camera videos. Marketers can use this program to set editing presets to edit marketing videos with the click of a button. This simplified approach to video editing will assist with consistent branding and creating high-quality marketing videos. Using automated and preset video editing settings will help small marketing teams produce high-quality videos that look professionally styled. While Facetune is well-known for cosmetic edits, including smile and eye whitening and skin smoothing. However, Facetune Video also has one-click features for saturation, brightness, contrast, and overlay filters. While this app doesn't fit automation in the traditional sense, the ability to carve hours from the editing process with automated edits offers incredible benefits.   Later Later is a one stop shop for marketing and social media automation. This integrative platform offers everything from scheduling to analytics for Instagram (both in-feed and Stories), LinkedIn, TikTok, and Pinterest. As Later is meant to be an automated marketing tool for lead generation and nourishment, it also offers integrations with and user-generated...

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