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6 Proven Ways to Improve Customer Service on Your Website

Posted By Webnus on Blogging - With over 2 billion websites on the internet, practically every company has a website. However, running a website isn't enough to reach your potential customers online and turn website visitors into customers; it's also important to take care of your customers and therefore improve customer service on your website. Why? Over 85% of people do online research before choosing a company and many of them may have questions about your company and its products, so the demand for customer service has grown. If you provide customer service on your website, that's great. But if you constantly invest time and effort into improving customer service on your website, whether you experiment with support channels, train your customer support team, or collect and implement customer feedback, it can bring your business to the next level.   The Importance of Customer Service on Your Website Providing excellent customer service on your website is what makes you any different from other websites that hope for the attention of the same target audience. Moreover, modern consumers crave good customer service experiences. Around 96% of U.S. customers agree that having good customer service is important to them and 78% claim that it's fundamental to gaining their loyalty. This means the growing importance of online customer service. Image Source: Netomi Still, 73% of consumers believe that companies pay more attention to increasing sales across all of their multiple channels than they do to providing integrated customer service across those channels.   Since customer service expectations have grown in the last few years, improving customer service on your website is a must for the following three reasons:   Improve Customer Experience During various phases of the customer journey, consumers may have questions and concerns. If your website is optimized for customer service and customer service inquiries get solved...

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