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5 Secrets to Stunning Blogging Success

Posted By itechiesnet on Blogging - I stare at a glowing screen all day long.

I tap little squares with my fingers.

Make no blogging bones about it; I am a blogging dingbat who does not take himself seriously.

I guess I pulled the cyber wool over enough people's eyes to be featured on:

Richard Branson's Virgin blog
Fox News

I also spoke about blogging at NYU.

Oh yeah; I happened to retire a life of travel through my pro blogging exploits, circling the globe for the past 6 years, living in places like Fiji, Bali, Costa Rica and Thailand for months at a time.

Even though I am nobody special, some may say I have experienced stunning blogging success.

If you are ready and raring to become a super successful, prospering, fun-loving blogger, follow these tips.
1: Follow Your Fun



I retired to a life of island hopping through smart blogging because I chose to primarily follow my fun versus obsessing over my finances. I stalked my passion versus chasing my profits.

Here's the deal; if you pick a blog topic you feel passionate about and blog predominantly to have fun, to spread love and to serve others, blog profits, traffic and comments will feel like extras, or icing on the cake. The work will be the reward. The money and popularity will be the cherry on top.

This is the exact space you want to be in to become a wildly successful blogger.

You will do all the creating and connecting necessary to build a blogging empire when:

you are having fun
you are not so darn obsessed with profits and traffic

2: Dive Into Your Fears
This was the difference maker to me.

I followed my fun for years. I had some success. But I futzed around when given the opportunity to dive into my fears.

I shuddered in my cyber boots for years before:

writing my first eBook
creating my first course
publishing my podcast
writing my first guest post

Those years of hesitation held back my blogging success.

I soon discovered that *stunning* blogging success sits smack dab in the middle of your deepest fears.

Did you ever wonder why so few top bloggers get featured on world famous blogs? Only a few bloggers challenge their limiting beliefs. Even fewer bloggers dive headfirst into uncomfortable, scary, sometimes terrifying situations.

Dive in guys. Feel your fears. Do it anyway. Your greatest success lies light years outside of your comfort zone.
3: Practice Writing In Quiet
My greatest blogging success grew through diligent, persistent writing practice in silence.

Do you want to shine on the biggest blogging stage?

Practice writing when nobody is looking.

Write 1000 words in a Word document daily. Just for practice. Trash the document after you hit 1K.

Detach from your writing. Improve your writing skills. Wow readers through your blog posts and guest posts.
4: Solve Specific Problems
Solve 1 specific problem suffered by your ideal reader.

Successful bloggers are specialist problem solvers.

Example; all posts from my blog solve a specific blogging problem. Readers want to know how to get more traffic, how to increase blogging profits or how to gain more comments. By solving 1 specific blogging problem through each post I position myself as a "go-to" guy in the blogging niche.

"Go to" gals and guys in any blogging niches tend to become highly successful.
5: Create Offsite
I gobbled up this opportunity the moment I saw it in my email inbox.

I love making friends. I love meeting new bloggers. I love helping new communities.

The easiest way to pop up on the radar in your blogging niche is to create offsite through:

guest posting
blog commenting

Be all over the place. Create and connect all over the place.

Guest post on top blogs from your niche. Post helpful, thorough comments on popular blogs from your niche.

As readers see you as being omni present in your niche your success will grow.
Success means something different to every blogger.

You probably agree that helping an increasing number of folks and living your dreams through blogging are 2 distinct markers of blogging success.

Experiment with these tips. Use what works for you.

I'm excited to see you succeed!

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