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3 Ways To Look Like an Amateur at Open Mic Before You Even Start Singing (and 3 Ways to Look Like a Pro)

Posted By singingcoach 430 days ago on Music - Don’t Have Your Accompaniment Track Pulled Up and Ready to GoEveryone wants their turn.  As time ticks on and everyone has to wait while you fiddle with your phone (“Wait, I just had it, where did it go?”), or spend more than a few seconds tuning your guitar, the nerves and the tension in the room builds…and is directed towards you!   The Pro Way: Respect your fellow singers by having your track cued up and tested before your turn.  If you are using a track on youtube, check to see if an ad is going to run first, and run the ad before you plug your phone into the sound system!  If you’re accompanying yourself, make sure your guitar is tuned up, your strap is tight, your capo is on, the batteries are fresh,  etc.  The longer you take to get to your actual performance, the more you will lose the interest of your audience, and you might not ever get them back. 2. Tap the Mic or Blow Into the Mic to Test If It’s On Classic amateur moves!  Just, why?!  You better hope the mic is NOT on when you try one of these, because you might cause ear-piercing feedback, which will surely be a great way to get the crowd skeptical about your performance skills.   The Pro Way: Simply start talking into the mic.  You can say, “check, 1, 2,” a few times, introduce yourself, or give a (very short) introduction of your song, like what made you write it or what your connection to the song is.  You will be able to hear when the sound is on (or the crowd will let you know, by shouting, “can’t hear you!”).  If you’re not hearing yourself, keep talking while checking to see if there is a power button on the mic or a cord is not plugged in.  Most likely, it will be up to the sound person to get your sound going, and they will see you’re ready to start and switch the volume on for you.  As soon as you hear the volume up, repeat anything you want to make sure they hear, and get to the song! 3. Ask For Help Adjusting the Mic Stand Needing help getting the mic stand adjusted to your height will make it very easy for the audience to see you’re new to this.  It will also give you a nice subconscious feeling of insecurity as you get ready to start your song. The Pro Way: Look confident from the moment you walk on stage by adjusting the stand yourself.  Study that mic stand as you wait your turn, watch how people adjust it when it’s their turn, and make note that there may be several adjustment points, depending on the type of stand it is.  Observe which point looks the easiest to adjust, and works the best.  This will be especially easy to do if you have a mic stand at home and you’ve practiced with it (over-preparing is extremely sexy, if you ask me :D).  Round base stands are the easiest to adjust, so consider buying a tripod boom stand which are commonly used on stage (you can get one for $20-$30) and get really familiar with the adjustment points.  While you’re at it, practice singing your song with your mic stand, getting familiar with reaching out and holding the stand in different ways as part of your performance — super pro preparation here!

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