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20+ Brilliant Negative Space Illustrations For Design Inspiration

Posted By fershid 1679 days ago on Design - In art, negative space is the background space around the main object of an image. In a two-tone image (eg. black and white), the object is usually depicted in a darker color (black) than the background (white), thereby forming a silhouette. Sometimes, the tones are reversed and white is used to fill the silhouette (refer Coke examples below). When an artist carves out a shape in the silhouette, in a way that the background creates a visual of its own, that’s when the magic happens.

Today's post is a collection of illustrations, ads, posters, and book covers that use negative space in a sublime manner to get the message across. The list includes award-winning campaigns, public service announcements (PSAs), covers of best sellers, and more. Check them out here.

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